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Voting began yesterday on the 2004 Weblog Awards.

I voted yesterday without first viewing the existing voter results, which added interest to the process (not that the process wasn’t/isn’t interesting as it is, just that I enjoyed making choices based upon prefences uninfluenced by the majority of earlier voters).

I found many new and interesting blogs through the Weblog Awards and added a few to my blogroll afterward, but there are many others I do still plan to add. I particularly enjoyed the “Best Middle East or Africa Blog” and the “Best Australia or New Zealand Blog” categories and the blogs I found there.

I’ve included yet another rendition of my logo for the 2004 Weblog Awards with this entry, just to rile *certain people*…see that large logo up above? I designed that! -I- did, and did I write that I was a designer? And that -I- designed that logo? Ha, read it, look at it: I did that.


Later Edit:

All hail Kevin Aylward and the group of volunteers who have made this 2004 Weblog Awards process possible. Kevin Aylward deserves all our praise, appreciation and gratitude.

And, anyone who makes complaints at this point about any aspect of the Awards is a wanker. Wanker. Abruti vérifiable.

Even Later Edit:

The customized 2004 Weblog Awards Logo versions will be available on the dedicated webpage, along with the earlier, main title and other versions. If you are a Category FINALIST, you can find on that webpage customized FINALIST 2004 Weblog Awards logos on this page.

The customized “WINNER” logo versions will be made available to Kevin Aylward and they will be dispensed by Kevin and through the Awards process once Winners are announced…developing…).

C O M M E N T S : now closed