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The post-election blues have some people twitching, finds them touchy, jumpy, quick to bite, altogether prone to the critical.
For Democrats, it’s a self-pitying grab of the ‘victim’ position. I’ve read more than I wish I had recently about why Democrats/liberals perceive themselves as being recipients of what they write is ‘abusive’ behavior by Republicans, conservatives.

Victimization doesn’t work to any degree of solution. You can’t perceive solutions when you’re self identifying as a victim. And, in order to work a way out of victimization, you do have to have a plan and become active in evaluating your assets and liabilities, and most of all, allow yourself to change, to recognize that need.

Because, no one is blameless to a point of assurance. Reading copy by Democrats that they are victims of Republican “abuse” is an exercise in patience, but it is also an exercise in waiting out a useless proposition, particularly since many liberals and Democrats are responsible for some very, very bad things where socio-political issues are concerned. For starters.

But, to follow along with this premise, that to be a Democrat today is to be a victim, past, present, future, the responsibility for events and issues rests with someone else — all those bad things done, awful words written, they’re the fault of someone else. Which is very often true, in criminal, unprovoked acts, yes, but in the realm of socio-political movements, this is a faulty if not irrational premise for anyone to assume, much less maintain.

Victimization is a game: first, you have to take the bait, then you take the rest. The significant thing here is that by taking the bait, you also become available to go with the line: take the bait, take the line. Cry “victim” but it won’t keep you out of the frying pan. And it doesn’t change the results, particularly when those you anticipate will respond to the cry are those you’ve blamed for your experience.

Today is “World AIDS Day“. I’d like to propose that it is World Life Day, and give thanks for lives led, the lessons learned, the fact that we are all, none of us, victims, but responsible for the lives we lead, the words we write, the acts we commit and those that we decline to do.

Give thanks that this isn’t the Netherlands, give thanks that you and everyone else is alive this day, that there is hope to be alive tomorrow. And then take the measures necessary to remain that way, each and everyone, particularly those who are defenseless, and who are the true victims in our world.

Excellent reading about “The Groningen Protocol” in the Netherlands:

–Slant Point, December 01, 2004

–Hugh Hewitt, November 30, 2004 and December 01, 2004

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