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Atheists nationwide have been required by a recent Supreme Courtly ruling to cease and desist insisting that all Americans abide by their Atheist religious practices of denigrating all other religions and attempting to prevent religious displays that are not Atheist in theme and nature.

Atheists say that they will appeal this decision, since it is imperative to Atheists everywhere that everyone else accept Atheism as the standard by which all religious displays abide when categorized as “official” practice and theme. According to Atheists, particularly around the Christian Holiday of Christmas and the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah, there is a refusal by individuals to practice Atheism and Atheists claim that their religious rights are being denied because of that. Atheism requires that persons declare (“believe”) that no Deity exists and some Atheists claim that the mere mention of religious beliefs in public threatens this claim by Atheists, who also claim that the United States is a country that should not allow Freedom of Religion, despite what the Constitution provides, unless that Freedom is limited to the practice of Atheism. Should the public standard be one of recognizing Atheism and only Atheism, Atheists would consider that proof of their religious principle — that God does not exist — and would therefore consider no further infringement to their Freedom of Religion under the Constitution because the Freedom would then not exist, also.

Atheists are rallying their numbers in an attempt to ensure that no other religious practices continue when in public, although it is not yet determined as of this writing as to how Atheists will assemble to promote their religion if they first insist that no Freedom of Religion be allowed, citing often the “Separation of Church and State” which Atheists interpret as sufficient to prevent everyone else other than Atheists from exercising their Freedom of Religion.

Atheists maintain that they require protection from the Freedom of Religion of others based upon their religious principles, since seeing and hearing the religious ideas of others, particularly at Christmas and Chanukah, and again often at Easter, threatens the religious principles of Atheism. Religious freedom engaged in by others in the United States counters the religion of Atheism and because of this, Atheists require no one to display any religious message or symbol in public areas.

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