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Now that I have your attention, there’s nothing more to write this year about this year that hasn’t already been written, and what is written is mammoth, really huge.

There are no jokes tonight that I can share, no wild buzzes nor zany nonsense — the last few days have brought a somberness-beyond-pale to the new year and tonight’s usual celebrations — and so I wish everyone a happy new year, a new year — a future — and close with sharing that it is very, very good to be alive, and that I’m grateful to be, and thankful.

The evening is beginning on great news and that is that the United States is providing three hundred and fifty million dollars of initial aid to ease suffering in Southeast Asia. The need from that area seems that it is, and will be for a while, immeasurable.

Picture 758.gif Now, movah lil bit closer and help some more and be welcomed into the community of the generous.

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