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40,000 — and still counting — lives lost, countless more thousands still missing…


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Picture 758.gif Grim, very grim. News this morning, even moreso. God help them and us all.

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Just a few months ago on another blog, I was sharing my tsunami warning day experience from when I lived on Maui. Since I lived right on the beachfront there, and despite my fifth floor perch, I took to the hills when a warning blared one very bright and clear and calm day. To the amusement of nearly everyone else, there I was, headed to the higher ground of Maui with a blind neighbor in tow and a suitcase filled with emergency supplies that I found listed in the telephone book instructions and the neighbors smiling at me, bemused at my by-the-book response to the official warning blaring.

What bothered me that day was why so many others didn’t respond to the warning. Fortunately for us in Hawaii that day, the wave that rushed forth to Maui was something like an extra one or two inches and nothing more, but, the conditions were similar to what’s happened in Southeast Asia and India: a distant earthquake and a series of waves resulting in the ocean depths, racing across the Pacific to and over whatever is in their path.

And you don’t know until the waved effects impact land later what the size of the tsunami will be, so best to take heed to the warnings and avoid the potential impact areas, as I did. Unfortunately for the people of Asia and India, they didn’t have the tsunami warnings, as we did and still do in Hawaii. But, warnings mean nothing if you don’t heed them. In this case, no one knew what was to set upon them until it was too late to get out of the way. Very bad, very sad, very awful.


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