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There’s one at every work place. You know…”that guy” who idolizes Noam Chomsky and babbles about how Christianity is evil? Well, now there’s a name for this condition. Just lean over and ask him/her, “Are you “Christianophic?”

I find it interesting that those who claim to be the most open-minded are usually the most close-minded about various belief systems. If you say that you’re a Christian nowadays then you’re automatically labeled as being both a “bigot” and a “hatemonger.” The current treatment of Christians seems oddly reminiscent of another historical event.

“Eventually, Diocletian gave way to Galerius, issuing on February 23, 303 an edict decreeing the removal of all Christians from public office, closing the courts to them, prohibiting the freeing of Christian slaves, and ordering the destruction of all Christian churches and books. That same day, the church in Nicomedia was promptly burnt to the ground.”

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