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Until mid-next-week, my system is still dependent upon a harddrive that was due to be replaced a few weeks ago, not replaced only due to a construction upset that brought about my nearly three-week stay away and my return a few days ago to rooms of stacked closet stuffs, furniture and fanciful prizes covered in a pretty but unpleasant and quite inconvenient drywall dusting. After five hours, I found the cable box at the bottom of a stack of things (they were clean when I left) at the bottom of a closet under affect of special effects. I attempted to reconnect the cable in one room and found that one of the new exterior walls was drywalled (ever so well) right over the cable outlet, leaving the wires inside the wall, out of touch, out of reach, out of connectivity. Construction supervisor visit later, another, now fresh hole in the wall and the cable wiring was grabbed, but now pending yet more drywall work to repair the repaired wall.

As to the wandering DELL technician, who was supposed to deliver and install my new harddrive on the day I departed those weeks ago but who could not wait twenty minutes while I found and unpacked the packed computer system, that appointment had to be rescheduled. I’d delayed going to a hotel by four full days so as to meet the technician with the replacement harddrive on the date assigned to me (couldn’t be earlier, I know because I asked) and the technician, calling from “down the street” on that appointment date — ten minutes early at the start of a five-hour appointment window — could not wait twenty minutes after his call, even though I offered him coffee after he arrived, explaining that the computer was protected during those past four days of wait by returing the system to the shipping containers. The guy had resentments, considered twenty minutes the end of all ends for his “day” and that was that: I had to reschedule the visit, per the resentful and impatient technician, he was going to “return the replacement harddrive to DELL,” and I had to depart for the hotel and I took the computer with me complete with the failed harddrive still in place.

Then along came a loaner system with many discs with saved programs and data that I used that throughout my hotel stay — which both (hotel stay and loaner system) were quite nice, by the way — and only reconnected my own system after I returned two days ago, if only to unpack the pieces and set up my desk. And in the interim since that, I’ve devoted two days to sorting and vacuuming and unpacking and moving things around and replacing and more but I now have new carpets, new cabinetry throughout, a few new exterior walls, new linoleum in the few areas needing linoleum (I actually like linoleum and wouldn’t mind more of it and less carpeting but I now have crisp, tawny, thick carpeting throughout and it’s lovely, no doubt about that) with several other newly-new aspects (details are nice).

Never were ten fingers and two hands quite so uncomfortable as they are today but the resolution is that I get to spend an afternoon in a steam and jacuzzi and I get a rescheduled technician visit with that floating harddrive in another few days, probably, I’m guessing pending the call-back from DELL, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. And, I get a newly reconstructed environment, something I am still admiring despite the eight-feet wide group of books on my floor at the moment, the last of things to sort out and return to shelves.

DELL Technical Support has been grand with the ongoing why-the-heck-has-it-all-failed-at-once problem of my system from this past summer on (the failure, that is, because DELL Technical Support was grand before that, except that I’d never had to contact them much before this past year). Who knows the whys and whatfors of hardware failures such as I’ve experienced, just that, thanks to my purchase of an Extended Service Contract, DELL sent quick technicians to my place with replacement parts as per the cavalcade of ongoing parts failures. Up until whatever it was affected the tower and most everything in it, along with all the peripherals, the entire system has been wonderfully reliable but having the wonderfully reliable replacement parts with technicians to install them has matched the hardware failures with reliability in kind. Such that, I am eager to purchase another system from DELL next year but still waiting another few days for my replacement harddrive, and then the system I use now will still be competitive.

Every problem comes packaged in several compounding problems. Last summer, whatever it was that seemed intent on ending my online capacity began: Blogger wouldn’t publish, network card failed, keyboard failed, monitor and speakers failed after that, web hosting horrors, Movable Type would not install (was the web host, determined later), it never seemed to end and what resulted is that I had less energy to write about anything and far reduced capacity to do so, from early Summer forward. Just in time for the Election, I reckon.

Good outcome anyway, and, a pleasant sleep last night, dreams, good.

Lesson learned: persevere.

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