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Congratulations to each and every Winner in each and every Category in the 2004 Weblog Awards, which voting concluded last evening and winners were announced just after midnight (I know because I woke up yesterday evening and worked on the image files for the Winners through most of the morning).

The image files for each and all Winners won’t be published on the internet for public access, as were the earlier permutations of image files in this Awards process, but will be emailed by Kevin Aylward to each Winner of each Award category.

There is one design per Award, in the following file sizes:

250 pixels wide -x- 60 pixels high
225 w -x- 68 h
250 w -x- 76 h
275 w -x- 83 h
300 w -x- 91 h
320 w -x- 97 h

Here is a sample in the 275 w -x- 83 h file size (and congratulations to Powerline Blog for a well deserved Award as Best Overall Blog!):


C O M M E N T S : now closed