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There’s a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday, and here I am, very grateful.

From the tiny to the huge, I am grateful.

About the news: grateful that Dan Rather is resigning, because, otherwise, what’s left for any content cast from a source many of us don’t consider credible? Question tonight is, will the network become credible after Rather’s departure, or, continue on in figurehead change only? I’m not optimistic about an editorial epiphany by CBS.

About the interim: a sweet and special hotel extended stay, an intent and caring physician with some ready antibiotics and the kindness of humanity this week, combined with a wonderful ethernet connection and a responsive DELL configuration and DELL itself of late (immense improvements in technical and customer care support), all things considered, I am a happy camper tonight.

About the tiny: everyone is responsible for their own behavior, including NBA players. It’s refreshing to hear a bit of talk radio in America making that point and decrying the “it’s society’s responsibility” excuse by some; I realize this is a huge issue for many but it becomes tiny when compared to the other issues in our world today. Professional sports aren’t so much about expert acumen but about character, or, rather, should be, and maybe that’s the point to be made from seeing how badly professional acumen can perform when character is secondary.

I give thanks tonight, for life and the Sacred Heart.

That last part is the huge part.

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