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Like many others this Holiday season, I am enjoying a very quiet and very nice and well appreciated week, this Thanksgiving.

More frequent commentary in BIRD will resume after this weekend, but meanwhile, not for lack of something to share, it’s a wonderful season, so much to be grateful for. I’m still enjoying this few weeks of daily housekeeping and other hotel amenities and the complete works by Jane Austen — the only book I brought with me although I wish I’d brought more, Virgin Radio (which is playing “The Hotel California” as I write this, something that just seems so wrong) because I also didn’t bring any CDs along due to effete, albeit respectable, luggage accommodations, so, no complaints, just none at all, other than I’m being dosed in U.K. culture and will probably have an amended accent by the time I leave.

That’s “seventy nine pounds ninety nine,” the fellow just said to me. That’d be, the chap, umm, bloke just said to me. Is a bloke also a mate? And, what’s the difference between a chap and a bloke? Jane Austen makes no mention of any. So, question is, is it language or is it motive? All I know is that the book I brought along is gold leafed and huge in pages and that I need another cup o’ tea. And that some things are best left unsaid, unwritten and alone.

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