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November 2012 Edit:

Apologies for missing image files in these older comments (2005 and earlier), but, after this site was moved from one server to another and then moved again before settling down on my current host in 2005 or thereabouts, many older posts such as here resulted in broken links due to site reassignment of file locations. All the image files still exist as saved by me but I have not quite completed editing all older posts, as here, to restablish image files — but I will do so this month.



RedDotSml.gif Beldar Blog offers an informative discussion — in the thread (“Politicians’ secrets: Ryan versus Kerry”) yes, but also in the comments section that follows if you scroll past the featured photos (some won’t/can’t, I realize!) — about John Kerry’s unreleased military records and divorce proceedings records, with some references to Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s unrealeased tax returns (although I read that there’s progress about the latter, but have not read anything about progress in releasing the priors).

If anyone at this late hour is still trying to decide who to vote for — President Bush or John Kerry — try to consider what motivates John Kerry to withhold his past records, his past activities, what’s in his divorce record that he would need to suppress (although the [complete] military record is most critical, the other records speak to and about a person’s psychology also, and, a President has to have the full faith of the military that he commands, and if a Kerry has a dishonorable and/or less than honorable discharge in his military record, it poses a very real problem as to who would be commanding the military and how the military would respond, among other significant issues).

There are some people both in our nation and in the world who find the idea of someone in the Presidency with a record of dishonorable service as appealing for a number of reasons that most everyone else would consider as counter-productive, so that’s also something to think about when you think about who is running for the Presidency and why and who is most intent on which being elected.

As a citizen, I am shocked that anyone could be sworn into the U.S. Senate without a full exposure of military service record, much far more significant, and significantly concerning, the U.S. Presidency, as applies to Kerry.

But, once campaigning for the Presidency, the record should have been something that the United States voters were privy to. Interesting that so few among the media, and among the entertainment industry, and among those other politicians who have endorsed Kerry, have even made mention of this issue: why Kerry would publish aspects about his military record on his campaign site, and withhold the rest, nor not even mention what’s withheld.

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