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November 2012 Edit:

Apologies for missing image files in these older comments (2005 and earlier), but, after this site was moved from one server to another and then moved again before settling down on my current host in 2005 or thereabouts, many older posts such as here resulted in broken links due to site reassignment of file locations. All the image files still exist as saved by me but I have not quite completed editing all older posts, as here, to restablish image files — but I will do so this month.

The news that broke this morning/last night, via Red State and The Washington Times with Wizbang‘s help, has been attempted to be named “a non story” by liberal media sources applying that gloss of counter spin. Mistake by those hapless Kerry apologists is in assuming the information is spin, such that a counter spin is an appropriate response to the information — because ‘spin’ implies an unreality to information, something manufactured to generate something else, for a targeted purpose, so counter with same, turn the top the other way around, and around and around. But the ongoing information leaking out, glob by glob, isn’t spin, it’s evidence of a human being named John Kerry who can’t keep a story straight, whose self created life aspects and positionings defy fact and witness, who is a creation of his own imagination, who promotes himself based upon fiction: if it sounds good, reads well, it’s a go, without regard to genre. A life isn’t fiction, character is the man — rewrite either or both based upon imagination and you create a lie based upon a lie, a fictional character, not a man. Not a real one, at least.

No, there’s certainly a story here: what John Kerry has been exposed as having done and continuing to do is lie about himself, his activities, his beliefs, what he means, does not mean, intends, does not intend, who he associates with, who associates with him, and how all that happens or does not happen. Easy for most of us to apply the “flip flop” standard to Kerry but it’s an application due to frustration, not humor, based upon the ongoing expose about a person, John Kerry, who has tales to tell as big as China, bigger than the moon, larger than the universe, beyond the pale, limitless. The human imagination is a powerful thing, but used to self identify by a person about the person, is downright creepy. These are big things, very big things, and the lies are very big things. The man is not.Just in time for Halloween:

Never Apologize, Never Explain
From the November 1 / November 8, 2004 issue:

John Kerry’s real record as an antiwar activist.
by Joshua Muravchik
11/01/2004, Volume 010, Issue 08…


Why John Kerry is no Catholic, and questionable as a Christian, despite Kerry’s boasts to the contrary. Anyone can quote scripture and many do, but it’s who a person is and, accordingly, what a person believes in and does that makes for a life in service to Jesus Christ.

I notice that Kerry never mentions Jesus Christ.

Later Edit:

Read marcland, who provides a comprehensive roundup of articles (about the recent Kerry burst of “faith” declarations, given that polls reflect Americans prefer a Presidential candidate with believable religious principles. Unfortunately, many Democrats still hate Christians and Christianity, not to mention the Catholic Church and the principles represented by the Church, so, there’s that).

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  1. -S- says:

    I’m not at all surprised, but the article does spell out what should be shocking and horrifying to Americans…unfortunately, today’s DNC is peppered with “the american communist party” members, among others, such that I think that John Kerry being advised by “Hanoi”, per the article and it seems the FBI reports from that time (probably ongoing is my guesss, as to who Kerry names as “advisors”/”international coalition” he refers to), that that’s actually why they are promoting Kerry. It would be great if the DNC would stop the charade and just declare for communism, because at this point, it’s becoming clear that that’s who is running their show. They solicit involvment, also, through academia, which is also a good explanation as to why many in academia are liberal and what ‘liberal’ means to them. Explains, also, the condescension to and about anyone not among their midst.

    It’s a pervasive influence in our country, should be brought into the forefront.

    But, Kerry’s involvement with communism, his being advised/directed by “Hanoi,” can’t say that I am surprised. What I AM surprised about is that other Democrats would dare to promote Kerry for the Presidency, to endorse him…at least it helps me know now who to not vote for.

    Discovered papers:
    Hanoi directed Kerry
    Recovered Vietnam documents
    ‘smoking gun’ researchers claim
    Posted: October 26, 2004, 1:00 a.m. Eastern
    By Art Moore,

  2. -S- says:

    Yes, I’m sure that:

    “Hanoi approved…” of the anti-war behaviors by some vets, including Kerry and the groups that Kerry associated with. The general message is still alive and well in Kerry’s speeches, as with the Democratic spokespersons I hear on television, every single day.

    No wonder that the Swiftvets burst their counter-intelligence bubble, and media has taken such a vengeful attack to and about their stories. Without the Swiftvets and people like them, the only “history” would be the rewrite that Kerry and similar would recreate.

    There was just a guy on FOX News’ “Fox and Friends,” (Howard Wolfson, Senior Democratic Advisor), who just had the audacity to lie as follows:

    “…The Republicans are the party who want to seemingly prevent people from voting…”

    Wolfson never even broke his straight face when he said that. It represents the communist think in a nutshell: to emphasise inaccurate and deceitful behaviors that you are guilty of, projected upon “the enemy.” The entire language of the DNC is that of an invading, military force…”take the White House” (Kerry’s actual statement and sent in his appeals for financial contributions)…things of that nature.

    The litany and history of Democrats coercing and forcefully preventing and “redirecting” votes in American elections is monstrous and no wonder they’re so afraid that someone ELSE will do so. Unfortunately for the United States.

    What I don’t get is why many Jewish persons support the DNC by what appears to be moreso social encouragement by peers and families than by decision about actual politics…it’s not a mystery to me but it does represent a voting interest who isn’t paying attention to the actual party politics by the DNC and candidate. Unless they actually want communism in America; I’ve met a few who do, is what I mean but not limited some Jewish folks, but throughout society.

  3. justaguy says:

    This Hassan Nemazee story is amazing. The public needs to know….and the MSM isn’t covering it.