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Carnivorous Conservative writes: Game, Set, Match.”

Kerry has made a lot of raspy noise in the last three days — raspier than ‘usual‘ — about the “blame Bush” meme that he and his media have been gumming like a tofu bone.

The reality about the “missing” weapons cache from Iraq is now becoming more clear as greater information is made available but not by Kerry’s media, and, Kerry is wrong. He’s wrong. He’s wrong about defense and security issues, he’s wrong about America. So is CBS News, the New York Times and several other “news” sources. No surprise there.


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  1. millersam says:

    Did Bush get Osama Bin Laden?
    The master mind behind 9/11 is still at large.
    Didn’t George want to smoke him out?
    He had three years time.
    How could be anything else more important?
    Iraq was easier to find than Osama. But the easy way
    is not always the right way.

  2. -S- says:

    The thread is about John Kerry as a traitor, and the fact that the media is ignoring the obvious and the important and instead feeding readers, such as you echo, information that deflects attentin on Kerry and his character.

    About OBL, are YOU involved in military and/or intelligence? How do you “know” that OBL hasn’t been captured? It’s already been announced that there’s an awareness of where he is, if he’s still alive, but that the operation to actually seize him is precarious and delicate and complex…Afghanistan, problems with the election there, not wanting to disrupt precarious new government with increased military movement (but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a process underway to do that that is alternate to a massive military presence, or that they haven’t already pretty much contained OBL).

    AND, Iraq had a real presence in and among terrorist networks and funding and more. The process of containing and overcoming terrorism isn’t like buying one building and then moving in, or closing off one street or town and calling that a win. The issue is about networks of individuals worldwide, who are funded by and through certain governments and individuals and areas of the world, not just one country, or town or building. But networks, in many areas, with networks coordinated and funded by certain persons and/or governments. Saddam Hussein was one of those persons — helping to fund terrorist networks and certainly profiting by the Oil For Food Scam through the United Nations, also a possible terrorist network operation.

    So, the process isn’t concentrated on one person — as if catching OBL would suddenly deliver world peace and the absence of terrorism (it wouldn’t), although he’s important to bring to justice, to put away. You have to not only seize indididuals like this but seize how they receive and generate funds, how they make that funding available to others and who they train and communicate with.

    But, perhaps for Democrats, just nabbing OBL out of his cave would bring world peace and prosperity in a makebelieve world?

    Read this:

    And read this:

    And read this:

    And read this:

    And read this:

    And read this:

    All of which you won’t hear or read through CBS or NYTimes or on Democrat Underground message boards or SLATE…because they’re blinded by the “win at any costs” despite the fact that most don’t even care for Kerry (nor do the rest of us, not Democrats).

    IF Kerry’s ~elected~, he’ll certainly face military charges for his crimes while a member of the military. If not impeachment. Actually, I believe that there is cause enough to deny him the Oath of Office.

  3. -S- says:

    Read Jawa Report’s “U.N. Oil for Food”…Kerry is lying to everyone in his carefully edited speeches, denigrating Bush but not being candid with what he says when he does.