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November 2012 Edit:

Apologies for missing image files in these older comments (2005 and earlier), but, after this site was moved from one server to another and then moved again before settling down on my current host in 2005 or thereabouts, many older posts such as here resulted in broken links due to site reassignment of file locations. All the image files still exist as saved by me but I have not quite completed editing all older posts, as here, to restablish image files — but I will do so this month.

Caroline Kennedy says: “…Senator Kerry has demonstrated his courage and commitment to a stronger America throughout his entire career. President Kennedy inspired and united the country and so will John Kerry. President Bush is doing just the opposite. All of us who revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy will be supporting John Kerry on Election Day.”

No, Kerry won’t. No, Kerry has not. Yes, Caroline Kennedy is not even approaching accuracy in these statements. I don’t know that I “revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy” so much as I could and would never vote for Kerry — whereas I might have voted for Kennedy had I been old enough when he was campaigning (I wasn’t). This very premise by Ms. Kennedy sets me into a spiral toward more closely reconsidering former President John Kennedy altogether, because the formula suggested in Ms. Kennedy’s statement seems to result in acid.

My opinion here is that Caroline Kennedy, unfortunately, bespeaks of perspectives that are so inaccurate and wrong as to be irrational. Kerry’s Senate record alone — when anyone can even access what that record is — proves that he hasn’t been someone of substance or even courage in his many years there, much less his history of betrayal to country and peers. Former President Kennedy’s history, what we know of it as public, remains greatly hidden by the Kennedy family at public expense, but there’s certainly smoke on the horizon of a legacy.

It’s a rainy day in California — something I really love — but it’s a dry and decrepit day in American history, when a person such as Caroline Kennedy can allege that Kerry’s “entire career” represents “courage.” Horrifying, actually, when you consider Kerry’s history. The real history, not the edited, amended, amplified and imagined version.

I sense a mystery.

From: “The Imagination Series”

The Gift Outright” by Robert Frost, read at the John Kennedy Inauguration, 1961 by Robert Frost when the poem he’d written for the occasion couldn’t be read due to the intense sunlight on the pages and in his eyes.

The poem is shocking in it’s prescience of message, as was that remarkable redirect to the reading of this unplanned poem itself.

“…Something we were withholding made us weak
Until we found out that it was ourselves
We were withholding from our land of living…”

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