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John Kerry and John Edwards have now thrown in the kitchen sink to top their downward spiraling pile, pulling in the language of “all things” and “everyone” and just about any universal expression to describe anything, everyone, all things, the whole shebang, all of it all the time in order to hit or miss President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Not that Kerry and Edwards haven’t always been relying on the far flung, sweeping nonsense of such huge quantities as to be unspecific as to any quantity, but today and yesterday and last week, the two of them — Teresa Heinz-Kerry adds a few preserved fruits atop the pile — have emphasized the same massive quantities as to be quantum nonsense personified. Health care everywhere! Nothing costs anything! The rich have everything you need and we will give it to you! Just vote often and well! Get it here! All of it! Everything!

It was humorous when Mike Myers wrote and performed the bit as “Dr. Evil”.

From Kerry and Edwards, it’s used sticky notes.

Kerry and Edwards — both, individually and as a campaign, as does the DNC, after hearing Terry McAuliffe earlier today — use this all encompassing language nonsense to pander for votes. I’ve been wondering if they think no one can understand the statements they are making by the use of this “make everyone fear that the world is going to end unless they vote for our guy” language of distortion they are using, and so use anything that they can, whenever, wherever: vote often and well! One.million.dollars!

I quote:

“President Bush and Vice President Cheney may well be THE LAST TWO PEOPLE ON THE PLANET that…” (John Kerry, earlier today).

“…reject this old tired, negative, hateful politics of the past…” (John Edwards being hateful, rejecting, tired and very negative.)

The shadow isn’t always an accurate representation of what is casting.

But, the reality is in the mirror, in what is reflected. What you’re told otherwise is in the distortions. You want distortions? You vote for Kerry/Edwards.

Stare at Kerry’s shadow and…you are becoming sleepy, you are becoming very tired, you are becoming very sleepy, you are tired, you must vote often, you are small and unable and needy, you need sleep but first you must vote and vote often, stare into the mirror and…


Original photograph, AP: John Kerry in Colorado phoneover, October 05, 2004. Kerry, without his make-up and hairspray and with the guy in the mirror.