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“Swiftboat Veterans NEGATIVE ads…”

Not like they’re even trying for any fairness or balance in print, if they ever did. I wonder to just what extent the NYTimes has gone, over time, in efforts to write into popular dialogue whatever suited respective fancies, during whatever season.

The NYTimes represents a sad example of to what extent marginal political and social interests will go to implement undue influence on gullible individuals among the public.

But, the NYTimes represents a partisan vehicle for an urban, distorted perspective that benefits an urban, distorted perspective about internationally affected and affecting information: John Kerry the victim of the ‘evil United States war in Vietnam.’ Or, similar message applied to whatever issue and/or program that benefits a parallel urban, distorted perspective.

Don’t believe it. At this point, I try to watch the Discovery Channel but the abundance of NYTimes-sponsored/comingled Kerry Campaign “advertising” spots displayed when I attempt to view even “Paleoworld”, is so offensive as to be laughable.

I suppose John Kerry was a victim of dinosaurs, too, if you are to apply the smarmy and insensitive false sensitivity of the NYTimes and their dreadfully biased content. ~Dinosaurs and neighboring plant life died, they decayed, they produced oil, so, hey, they’re victimizers!~

That is, yes, of course, an exaggeration of point, but it is also the message of many sources that propagandize political and social movements as “intelligence” and “information.” And which then, later, biased or misinformation and misrepresentation percolates into public school systems and then, presto, more voters for the propagandists.

At this point, as a consumer, there are a few options available: purchase and vote accordingly. I’m no longer voting for any person who declares support or endorsement to and for John Kerry (nor anyone with his similar character issues and party politics) — (I could apply a “d’oh” here but the point is that those politicians who I have voted for in the past, who have declared “endorsement” for John Kerry and the present day permuation of the DNC, are not receiving my vote and will no longer receive my vote, for or about anything)– nor any media source nor consumer product that affiliates or advertises with the NYTimes (or comparable sources). I am sad to now have to eliminate the Discovery Channel content from my consumer choice, but I wonder to what extent the “science” that is made available through Discovery has a socialist spin. If I’m subjected to ongoing NYTimes DNC advertising for and about their candidates, using the Discovery Channels to do so, along with DNC socialist causes and their DNC interpretations, I’m going to stop viewing the Channels.

Of course, they could always start billing the Discovery Channels and the NYTimes as “entertainment” and that might work to pass the test of accuracy, bias, distortion, politics.

Beware the subtle influences. They’re subtle influences because they are covert influences. Crikey.

Later Edit (10/22/04):
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