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From Dean’s World, “Kerry’s Euthanasia Plan“.

After all, Terry McAuliffe advises that there should be a discussion about “possibilities,” even when there’s outright denial by at least one party of any possibility of any development of a DNC suggested plan. Among DNC suggested plans, the “Kerry healthcare plan” just may involve a bit more of a ~cost~ to the individual than some of those voting for Kerry are aware.

If Gore can rewrite Biblical content, and Kerry can misquote it, why not require euthanasia for the elderly? After all, it’s a possibility!

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  1. -S- says:

    Not really O/T:

    ‘STOCK SMARTS’ on FOX is having a great and lively discussion about why the U.N. is bad for American markets — someone just blurted out that the ‘U.N. is a group of socialist dictators…and the U.S. should just get the hell out (of the U.N.)!”

  2. -S- says:

    Excellent article!

    Monday, October 25, 2004
    Suspected terror fund-raiser attended event for Kerry“…KLA militant bonded with advisers…

    “A militant from a group some have connected to al-Qaida and that many have claimed is financed in part by the international drug trade and prostitution rings, recently attended a John Kerry fund-raiser, where he wrote a check and later boasted about his getting “paid back” in future favors from the presidential candidate…”

    I’d be interested in knowing what the favors are. Has Kerry been wheeling and dealing from the Senate all these years? Looks like he has been.