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John Kerry swats the United States Constitution, calls it “fair game.”

Kerry declares “victory” in a Presidential election this day, the Election is November 02, 2004 and this is October 21, 2004 — polls aren’t open yet, anyone other than those with Permanent Absentee Ballots haven’t even voted and won’t until a few weeks from today — and, if there’s “voter irregularity” involved, I’m thinking that the Democrats and the Kerry Campaign have an idea who is actually responsible, despite their spinning tops: “Mary Poppins” and “Dick Tracy.”

A man with a finger on the trigger of a shotgun, looking in the opposite direction that the barrel is pointed: John Kerry.
Hey, that bird was my friend, fella.

Socialists on the march, planning to “overtake the White House.”

~ Castro is smiling! “Outlaw” those flags! ~

Oh, Kerry, have you and wife had your flu vaccines? If not, why not? Either way, please knock off the mumbo-jumbo-diagnosis-by-nine-raisins-spoofery. Because, anyone who shoots my neighbor or relatives hasn’t and won’t ever get my vote. Hint: that means John Kerry.

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