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And here I thought it was just me who notices that creepy Kerry flicking tongue, displayed nearly everywhere and anywhere the guy makes public appearance. I watch body-language and am relatively astute at reading it in other humans and in animal life, having grown up in rural, agricultural and ranching America. I’ve learned to read body expressions nearly by instinct merely by living my life in the environs I’ve lived in, having had many close-in experiences with people and land and aquatic animals of just about all possible varieties in North America.

Seems that DAILY RECYCLER Blog went into the flicking tongue creepout a few weeks ago while it’s bothered me, too, about John Kerry — that he flicks his tongue in public, exposes it unusually when with other people — so this issue noted by someone else caught my attention.

For anyone who wants to know, in the language of human body movement — expressions gestured physically that represent what’s on our mind that we aren’t, perhaps, using audible language to communicate what we’re about to others — someone who continually licks their lips, displays their tongue, is saying that they are sexually available. When they “stick their tongue out” of their mouths, unless it’s induced by medication, they are expressing disdain for whoever it is they’re with or otherwise in some sort of communication with: sticking out one’s tongue, however briefly, indicates hostility, they’re intolerant and literally stick-their-tongue-out at someone. Doesn’t matter if they’re saying sweet things, if they’re engaging in that gesture, that’s what their actual or real feelings are. Our body language doesn’t lie. Our body language expresses our emotional activity while we use spoken language/s to communicate far more premeditated expressions.

There shouldn’t be a jump to conclusions about “the tongue” exhibition, though, because some medications can and do make a person’s tongue move around without the person’s intention. In other words, under the influence of some medications, a person’s tongue-display isn’t necessarily an activity of their body language but an activity of uncontrollable muscle activity.

But in Kerry’s case, he displays his tongue on a recurring, frequent basis in his interactions with or addresses to others. These expressions of his appear to be conscious psychological reveals — he’s doing these movements intentionally, he’s communicating non-verbal messages to and/or about others.

Lizards and snakes, on the other hand, detect chemicals with their tongues (they “taste” the air around them), in their ongoing efforts to find food. But human beings do so to express either sexual availability when tongue is displayed by lip-licking or opening of the mouth really wide to show the tongue and more, or by “flicking” the tongue in and out of the mouth in snake-like fashion, both of which Kerry displays. But concerted “tongue-sticking-out,” so to speak, is a gesture of hostility toward others, either specifically as to context or in general as antisocial animosity.

So Kerry’s showing, by licking his lips as he does with and while displaying his tongue, that he’s sexually available. I don’t know what this means to is private relationships but that’s what he’s “saying” to the public when he displays that activity.

But he’s displaying hostility if perhaps even disgust with other people when he shows his tongue in that “flicking” motion he so often displays, the activity that literally resembles serpentine tongue movements.

It’s not only gross to view but it’s unusually gross because Kerry displays these physical movements so often when he’s in public. It’s not a random, isolated series of physical expressions, it’s a frequently repetitive action when he’s in public, especially that latter, hostility-expression of flicking his pointed tongue in and out of his mouth. It’s not nervousness, it’s hostility he’s expressing. It’s significant to note who he is speaking to or about — and what — when you notice this body language he engages in.

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