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It is Democrats who seek to restore the draft. Few who vote for the Democrats, however, are aware of that, particularly among the under-thirty voters in the Leftwing. And the Democratic Party knows this and continues to push the lie that it’s the Right who ‘will reinstate the draft’ — the Left does this to intentioinally mislead the younger voters who they rely on to vote predominantly by emotion. So the Democrats scare those voters and their Leftwing deceitful memes are then made manifold.

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  1. -S- says:

    Welllll, really interesting. I hope that our military can — and I bet that they can — go in there and make a successful capture, figure out how to avoid making conditions worse. And, I think that Kerry would make it worse.

  2. msl says:

    Suzy, here’s a good example of the purveyors of this draft scare…


  3. justaguy says:

    I find this amusing…

    “With the same energy … I put into going after the Viet Cong and trying to win for our country, I pledge to you I will hunt down and capture or kill the terrorists before they harm us,” Kerry said. “And we will wage a war on terror that makes America proud and brings the world to our side.”

    Considering he hauled ass after only 4 months…only to come home…and jump onto their side…I don’t find that comforting.

  4. -S- says:


    That link (“”), looks an awful (!) lot like one (maybe two) of the Demos’ sites that deride just about everything except anarchy…I’d share the names of the most flagrantly promoted but then I’d have to type it here and I don’t even want to do that. The worst one and the most trolling liberal author of it also troll Yahoo “Politics” comments section, in my experience (at least, whenever I try to read a page or two, the guy is always there and he always includes a link to the site as a signature, plus he always harasses conservative causes, articles, comments). Bartcop, places like that, seem to all have that look and theme in common; not like they’re very creative.

    The MTV Rock the Vote movement is hugely responsible for promoting the lie that Bush is going to reinstate the draft. And, the people responsible for THAT are Democratic interns gone worse, now elevated within the DNC and MTV, and it seems for the purpose of promoting being a Democrat and hating everything and everyone else. Oh, except it’s O.K. for them to lie and propagandize as Democrats, as long as they get people to believe their lies. Err, sumthin’ like that.

    Certainly American college students can’t all be gullible enough to fall for the lie by the DNC and MTV, however. I bet that there are far more college and college age American voters who have a better understanding of the issue than what the DNC and DNC Liberal media is trying to make it seem (if you believe the DNC and MTV, for instance, their viewers and targeted audience is stupid and believes anything they tell them).

    Nearly everyone is angry and resentful during teens and twenties. It’s just a stage of development. However, not everyone is gullible (at least, not after a while) and is capable of understanding the issues if they’re given enough information. Problem with this issue — the DNC lying with MTV’s assistance in promoting the falsehood that “Bush is going to draft you” — is that the RNC hasn’t gotten a counter message as popularly circulated. Um, rather, the truth as popularly circulated and that is that it’s Democrats who are working in Congress to reinstate the draft, and it’s Kerry who’s admitted that he doesn’t understand “any other way” to “do it” (war in Iraq, war anywhere) (unless the draft is reinstated).

    Anyone by now who votes for Kerry based upon the belief of this lie by Kerry and the DNC is going to, eventually, see that they’ve been lied to.

    The RNC should have done some television spots about this. At least some print ads.

  5. -S- says:

    About this link —,0,2847270.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines — CLINTON had the information, too.

    Perhaps not specifically the identical bits, but the United States knew that OBL posed the threat he has a while ago, long before President Bush was in office.

    It’s what Presidents and Congresses do with the information that matters. President Bush pushed to pursue aggressively terrorist organizations and individuals involved in those movements (or still involved, not to suggest it’s a past event or set of conditions) and Clinton didn’t. What military effort Clinton waged, he did without approval of Congress and he put American troops at great risk because of that…but at least he took some action. On the other hand, it takes an aggressive person in the Presidency to get the rest of the country moving together, and that includes a majority in Congress for funding for efforts, and in that regard, Bush has taken the lead in defense of the U.S. I can’t imagine what would have occured had Gore been in the White House, much less Kerry. Probably “summit meetings” after “summit meetings” while the terrorism networks remained and flourished. Alll those “summit meetings” and such aren’t the answer in and of themselves, and, I’m proud of President Bush, that he had the courage to act as he deemed reasonable and necessary.

    Putin seems to be working with Bush for mutual benefit. As to Putin’s past military afffiliations under the U.S.S.R., when it existed, even Reagan used to be a Democrat, so there’s hope.

  6. -S- says:

    That headline!!! (Link earlier [^^].)

    “Kerry vows terrorist hunt…recalls Vietnam”Preposterous! If Kerry cannot even haul his own goose out of a cornfield — “too lazy,” he said — I can’t, CANNOT, perceive Kerry being “zealous” with and about terrorism beyond the Summit Meeting Road Show. He’ll do THAT “zealous(ly)” but I also bet he’ll have even more guys hauling his suitcases in that imaginary future than he does now on his campaign.

    Kerry may have the preferences of France and some in Europe, but it’s more because they perceive a guy they can “work with.” Work with, as in, canoodle, carry along, someone who won’t rock their boat, make changes, rifle feathers, carry his own goose, for Heaven’s sake.

    I agree that his Vietnam record of four months, probable self inflicted wounding in such a fashion as to suggest he engineered the reasons he could return to the Mainland in such a short time, his bleached and edited record available to the public, his refusal to release the heart of his service record and most of all, his behavior in the U.S. after he returned from Vietnam…all this equals a cowardly guy with a huge ego who couldn’t stand being challenged. So, just like the DNC today, he went about creating that condition, those conditiions, by which he could then complain afterward.

    That article is pompous and irresponsible. Kerry is appearing quite the lunatic in those quotes, given his behavior *in real life*.

  7. -S- says:

    Excellent article and excellent news! I fully support Kerry being investigated for prosecution based upon his past behaviors while enlisted and hope that the plan moves forward. I’m sure there will be a great outcry from Liberals everywhere: ~gotta suppress the truth~.

    I’m going to move this article/issue forward to a new thread — and, intuitively, I’ve always thought that there was something less than honorable in Kerry’s history where his military involvements were concerned; which would explain his psychology after returning from Vietnam and ever since, where his conviction that “America is bad” and all.

    Same with Carter, who I also have always — again, intuitively — guessed made it possible for Kerry to modify his past record (Carter’s “pardon” of Kerry and Kerry’s past behavior would make what we have today more understandable: Kerry’s record being a current source of dubious reference, something that Kerry must keep from public scrutiny, and so he has).

    All Kerry need do to clear any questions up about this would be to sign that permissions form and release his military record for public access. By him not doing so but instead releasing parts and parcels of it and trying to declare that it’s his military record when, in fact, it is not, seems as if Kerry tried to go for the false presentation (d’oh) but hasn’t been successful in that…so why’d he go for the false/partial presentation and try to call that complete, at all, is what I mean.

    If he has a less than honorable discharge in his past, that’d also better explain why Kerry’s psychology was what it was after he returned from Vietnam and has remained to this day…the “doubt America first” think to put it moderately (but it’s actually far more severe a mistrust of the U.S. than that). Kerry was and is intolerant of U.S. efforts to mobilize self defense and I’ll never understand why anyone would consider it ethical to administer to him the Oath of Office for the Presidency — why Kerry would even be considered to receive that Oath is what I mean, given his past behavior. That he’s in the Senate is insult enough. Might as well allow anyone/everyone into the Presidency, if Kerry’s qualified, is also what I mean, given Kerry’s life record and behaviors. Dishonorable behaviors, I regard them, as how he related to the military.

    Maybe this explains why O’Donnell was insane on MSNBC yesterday with John O’Neill…

  8. -S- says:

    Well, Redstate, now PowerLineBlog.

    Looking forward to reading whatever it is that breaks. Funny to read KOS (RedState links) and see the speculations.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yet Kerry Told Reporter That If Large Mobilization Is Needed, Draft Is “Only Fair Way To Do It.” REPORTER: “Senator, some in your party have called for reinstating the draft. Do you think that is a good idea?” KERRY: “Not at this moment. I don’t. If we had a need for a general mobilization at some time in the future, then I think that’s the only fair way to do it.” (WLVI’s “Keller At Large,” Interview Taped 12/2/03, Aired 9/26/04)