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Here’s a valuable trackback about the issue of “drug reimportation from Canada,” an issue I earlier intended to write about here but recently found elsewhere, written with far more interesting content than I’d have offered:

BD21423_.gifTHE CANADIAN DRUG THING,” from blog, “Shape of Days.”

BD21423_.gif Something else I found yesterday, when Google‘ng “Jimmy Carter/Communism” (I’m curious) (the search results provide immensely concerning information about that relationship), is this:

BD21423_.gif “…What Carter won’t tell you is our neighbor to the north, Canada, is the largest exploiter of Cuba and its citizens of any nation on Earth. Canada has set up farms, mines and factories in Cuba and pays the State for Cuban contract labor in those enterprises. They pay Castro $9,500 (USD) for one year of labor and Castro passes on to the poor laborer the paltry sum of $200 (USD). Castro pockets the rest with the full knowledge and blessing of Canada. In any other nation on Earth (except Communist China) that would be called ‘Slave Labor’. You won’t hear anything about that from Jean Chretien. You won’t hear anything about that from Jesse Jackson. And, you won’t hear anything about that from Jimmy Carter.

BD21423_.gif Later Update: read more about the real Cuba, “THE OTHER ISLAND“.

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