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I received a Bush Campaign e-mail that features a Bush Campaign site for California; the Bush Campaign also hosts sites for each/all of the nation’s states (whoever designed these Bush Campaign sites did an excellent job of it!).

I feel guilty when I read about the many Bush for President voters who have recruited so many other volunteers by their enthusiasm and hard work, given that I haven’t gone door-to-door nor telephoned; however, I have focused as a contributor on other areas as needed. My vote this Election 2004 is for President George Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney — but there’s more to be done: so many Republicans in the State of California and increasing in number as time passes, us Republicans should work more effectively in the times ahead to represent a greater number of the state’s electoral votes.

Look up your state of residency through the Bush Campaign site, and take advantage of the opportunities to further support the re-election of President Bush this November 02, 2004.

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