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“Fontgate Memo,” Graphic Copyright 2004 by Susan Elizabeth (Suzy) Rice

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS (because CBS and the DNC apparently are ignoring this information, among other significant aspects to their insistence on fantasy as fact):

SHAPE OF DAYS, September 10, 2004
The IBM Selectric Composer

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:, 8:36 p.m. ET Sept. 10, 2004
CBS stands by documents on Bush?s Guard service
Some experts say papers could be forged

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:
Drudge Report, Fri Sep 10 2004 19:03:11 ET

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:
Fox News, Friday, September 10, 2004
Logs: Bush Flew Training Jets

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:
September 10, 2004 in full…(comprehensive links)

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:
Patterico’s Pontifications, September 10, 2004

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:, Friday, September 10, 2004
Posted at 4:15 PM, Pacific
Series of e-mails from Professor of Computer Science at Rice University…

RedDotSml.gif READ THIS:
Argghhh!!!, September 11, 2004

RedDotSml.gif …BECAUSE what you won’t read are John Kerry’s military records (all of them, not limited to his “release” lineup on his site), his and/or his wife’s tax returns and John Kerry’s medical records. While an individual’s medical records are a separate issue than first two areas of record — I respect a person’s right to privacy as to their health and medical records — where John Kerry is concerned, he has made active issues on his own behalf as a Presidential candidate the viability and credibility of his opponent in all aspects of his opponent’s person (President George W. Bush, as to military service record, as to income and tax status and business relationships, and as to personal medical history as that relates to “fitness” to “serve”), so, in this case, John Kerry needs to be held to the same standard of measurement that he has attempted to apply to his opponent, who he efforts to “prosecute.”

Most of us prefer a President.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I can’t believe CBS is sticking to its story…


    They know they’re going to be exposed…they’re idiots.

  2. -S- says:

    Well, actually, I CAN believe that CBS is “sticking to it’s story” BECAUSE, consider the alternatives to that.

    What I find more interesting (because the CBS-sticking-to-their-story thing is predictable, should be expected is what I mean, all things considered) is what the motives are for CBS to go through all these contortions.

    I was just reading a link on DRUDGE to an article from 1999 written by the alleged “handwriting expert” that CBS has hinged it’s entire line of defense upon and he writes advice as to how and why it’s important to more or less “stick to” any story/issue and extend it through such time as to arrive at other possibilities.

    Such that, the DNC/CBS really NEED to ‘stick to their story’ for as long as possible…it’s not only frustrating to reasonable people everywhere (nearly beyond frustrating because the issue is so clearly unsupportable as fact to so many intelligent opinions, everywhere, so that’s frustrating in and of itself), but it’s frustrating and inflammatory as both a distraction and as a false issue on which to pivot other issues.

    In other words, it’s providing cover for Kerry and time for him to tread more water, it’s amplifying frustrations about the media — an issue ripe with frustrations already — and it’s allowing CBS to protect whatever semblance of journalistic credibility that they may have had left (which isn’t much to many people).

    I noticed earlier that the producer of this one particular segment from 60 Minutes is also the same producer who is reported to have “broken the Abu G[can’t spell it] (Military Prison thing in Iraq in which that small group of servicepersons were found to be mistreating Iraqui prisoners of war)”, so certainly that’s reason enough for CBS to try to trail this now current Fontgate issue out to the point of exhaustion.

    Because, if they allow the reality to sink in that that one producer’s credibility is at question (and it is), then logic dictates that if she’s dishonest about this one thing, she’s also dishonest about all things, or capable of being so, and is therefore not credible as a source, in any considerations, anywhere.

    Which also means that CBS isn’t, either. So, they really, really NEED to ‘stick to their story’ by whatever means possible, as does Kerry, as does the DNC. They haven’t much else to stand on, and proving them incredible in this one case proves them incredible in many other, if not all, cases.