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Animated Graphic — and story explaining the graphic — from

RedDotSml.gif What’s depicted in this graphic, above, is: the document that CBS alleges was typed out with a Selectric by Lt. Col. Killian in 1972, well over a year after Killian retired from the National Guard (and that point alone makes a big dent in the reality of the “order”) (but there is more, much more…), superimposed with a document that created just a few days ago (this is September 2004) using Microsoft Word, on a computer…

RedDotSml.gif ImageShack has another animated graphic that’s very much worth a study.

RedDotSml.gif Excellent deep water discussion about the forgery/ies, by

RedDotSml.gif HughHewitt (Sunday, September 12, 2004, 6:50 AM, PST) provides a comprehensive recap of Rathergate/Fontgate/CBSandDNCgate…

RedDotSml.gif Best, to the point explanation of the most egregious aspects, from CLOWNPOSSE:
“Killian Memo Has Wrong Deadline, Cites Wrong Regulation.”

RedDotSml.gif Most interesting from the CLOWNPOSSE (scroll to middle of thread) is the nearly identical “republish” of the text and context from the John Kerry for President website wording that appears in the Fontgate documents (animated for your viewing pleasure above, by

I’m still asking as to the whereabouts of John Kerry’s military records — wouldn’t have been curious beyond the surface had not Kerry made his military service such an aspect about himself, which has since become something to be known as point but not to be known as substance (subsequently, I’m now wondering about it more than I might have otherwise) — but about that, Kerry has announced that he hasn’t anything more to say about “that.” Meaning, there’s a story there but he’s not going to talk about it.

Let’s, the rest of us, try.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I watched the Vietnam Veterans for Truth rally in D.C. today on C-SPAN. Great stuff. BG Burkett really nailed Rather. Something about…Rather said he served in the Korean War…and Burkett discovered he never served and was kicked out of bootcamp or something? The most moving part was Steve Pitkin…asking for forgiveness and explaining how Kerry forced him to give false testimony.

  2. justaguy says:

    Who released Al Gore from his cage?



    Al Gore consulting Clinton in the hospital.

  3. -S- says:

    Oi! Gore! I was reading about him now teaching “a few courses” in universities, among other things (DRUDGE) and wonder, why exactly, is it that the Left always occupies “teaching” positions? Can’t be an intelligence issue, because, rather, contrary to what most among the Left have to promote about themselves (that they’re “smarter”), I think it’s that academics provides a sure-fit spot for most, versus actual applied talents as in business and industry. Gore is a person who seems to surely have lost his sense of time and place and certainly, composure. Very sad to see and hear him today.

    I can’t access that last link, however…maybe the first one was enough. ~;-D

  4. -S- says:

    And, yeah, that’s the same article I was reading from DRUDGE. Shoulda’ read these comments first and saved meself several popups.

    Aren’t Gore’s statements truly strange? I mean, truly, STRANGE.