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The earth has moved: more among the Left are making even less sense than ever:

(1.) John Edwards, a man who is running for the Vice Presidency:

“We will find the tearrrists and we willcrewushthhm.”

He lapses downward in tone with the end of that statement by the time he reaches the “crewushthhm” part, sorta verbally tucking in the “crewushthhm” toward a point of cuteness, an overt tidiness through lack of emphasis that communicates that he’s just swept that pile of sand under the ruggg.

Oh yeah, that tiny hook on the screen window will crewushthhm tearrrists alright.

(2.) Tad Devine, “Kerry/Edwards Advisor” on FOX News earlier this morning:

“…the American people who are soft and undecided will move to John Kerry.”

You are getting sleepy, you are getting very, very sleepy, as you gaze into the piercing red eyes of the Tad Devine Invader From the Blue Lagoon, you are powerless to know how to vote, you are puny and soft and undecided and you will vote for…

Um, no.

(3.) Phil Spector, former record producer extraordinnaire, overly flourished, past the pale, indicted felon for murder:

“The actions of the Hitler-like district attorney and his storm trooper henchmen are reprehensible, unconscionable and despicable.”

Is this a Liberal thing? That everyone who poses a problem to a Liberal is a “Hitler-like…storm trooper…henchman“? Because I’m hearing and reading this a lot, from the Left, about everyone else.

“That salesperson is a Hitler-like, storm trooper henchman if they think they can avoid waiting on me any longer!”

“You just crushed my front fender! You Hitler-like, storm trooper henchman! I bet you aren’t even insured! Does Hitler even HAVE insurance?!?”

RedDotSml.gif I paraphrase, but, as DRUDGE writes, “DEVELOPING…”

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  1. justaguy says:

    Add a caption!

    “That’s the shot! Do you still have your camera from Vietnam?”


    “Lambert field is that way?”



    “And this is how you can tell if they’re real.”

  2. -S- says:

    More comments, in descending order to above (#1 reading downward through #4):

    Well, Yeah-ah…FOX is the only network that includes opinions, to include spokespersons, from all ranges of the political and social spectrum. The other networks display NOTICABLE BIAS TOWARD THE LEFT and do a lot of insinuations and eyerolling and sighs and things of that nature, which are very irritating to almost everyone, save but for people who need their Left perspectives reinforced (and so find the other networks, not FOX, reinforcing).

    I was shocked and really surprised, when first tuning to FOX, to find such a rich series of broadcasts, after hearing/reading so much from the Left all about how horrible FOX News was. It isn’t, it wasn’t, it just doesn’t cow-tow to the Left and that seems to really, really threaten most Liberals. Based upon how emotionally upset most of the “Democrat Stretegists/Advisors” are when they’re on FOX, you can see just how compromised they are when asked to interact about issues, and instead resort to the denigration of FOX itself, suggesting that their threaten responses are “caused by” FOX’s whatever.

    Geraldine Ferraro is on right now (FOX) and she’s trying her very best to insult nearly everyone for “misinterpreting her remarks…” when they’ve already provided her with the majority of onscreen time, compared to the other speaker, and still Ferraro lapses over into her threat response, waving her finger at the guy and the viewers, raising her voice, accusing people…it’s sad, it’s really sad to see so much intolerance and animosity from most Liberals on FOX but at least, on FOX, you also get to see other opinions and information, compared to the other networks that start off by reinforcing the Left and then doing their sighs and eyerolls and rarely posing alternative opinions.

    Too bad for them.

    FOX News article about major rule of viewer numbers:

    “…According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News averaged 1.8 million viewers, while CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News averaged a combined total of 1.7 million. The quarter ended Sunday.

    “CNN came in a distant second, averaging 882,000 viewers, while MSNBC drew 421,000. Headline News averaged 226,000 in primetime, and CNBC attracted a paltry 133,000…”

  3. -S- says:

    HA! Flipper Cam! Very funny site, thanks for sharing that link.““Flipper has a hard time catching the football while playing catch.”

  4. -S- says:

    Yeah, I saw this photo yesterday, thought it was preposterously amusing — my caption:

    “John Kerry plays ‘Flappy’ with The People. Any People touching or otherwise engaging Kerry in personal contact will be regarded as flapping.”

  5. -S- says:

    This photo:My caption…

    “Naaahhh. You DON’T…SAY…You actually THROW this thing? Naaahhhhhh, no way. You’re wrong. You use this thing to POSE. You just lean…back…and…you pose! Alright? That’s the problem with this Administration, they don’t know how to POSE. They think you THROW this ball. Once again, no, the ball is intended for POSING. And when I’m in the White House, that’s exactly what I will do.”

  6. -S- says:

    This photo:My caption…

    “You see, there are two large orbs in space. And those two large orbs are the first attempts by the Borg to be our allies if we would only allow them to use the United States as a staging ground for the next Grand Absorption by the Borg. But, the problem with THIS Administration is that they are actually RUDE to the Borg. They think that we can go it alone. But, no, we cannot go it alone, we must allow the Borg to use the United States as their training ground, and to work more closely with the Borg as the Allies that they’ve already told me they would be, if only we would work with them. So, when I’m in the White House, everyone will be a part of the next Great Absorption, and the Assimilation will proceed. But FIRST we have to show that we are willing to actually WORK with the Borg. This Administration just will not do that.”