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Saying my prayers for Florida and everyone in the path of Hurricane Frances.

Waiting for President George Bush to appear at the Republican National Convention, and much anticipating a great speech. Saying my prayers for his success and the capacity to listen well for the world tonight. Improvements are always worthy — including improving listening skills, saying prayers and Bush’s second term in Office.

Catching up on four days’ of lost reading from the down time I experienced, up to and until yesterday afternoon, and consider “Crank’s Report from the RNC” from the Command Center to be the best overall column, among all us bloggers. Saying prayers for all us bloggers because God knows we can all use help — not to say some are not worthy, just that there’s always room to improve.

About domestic concerns, I said my prayers and received a new refrigerator. Which was very much needed, what with the nearly-antiquated-but-still-functioning model of a Whirlpool I’ve been using. I’ve opened and closed the door of my new refrigerator many times today, just to enjoy the improved view: I now have glass-topped storage shelves with refrigeration and I really appreciate them and it. As in, can’t imagine life without either or all: a network card that functions well, a view, refrigeration.

Funny what I find fascinating and worthy: a much appreciated in-person visit from a technician with a new network card yesterday, the new refrigerator this morning. Home improvement has me fascinated and interested every time, even during the Convention, an impending Florida landstrike of a possibly Category 5 hurricane, and while I wait for President Bush to appear on the screen.

But, prayers have my dedication. I need to do more of them.

Loved Zell Miller’s speech (“Who Invited Howard Dean” by Jon Henke in QandO is a good read about Miller’s speech) and his audacity and spark with Chris Matthews (see Wizbang!) — for the record, I agree with Miller about today’s Democratic Party. The Left is behaving badly and growing worse — Matthews’ explosive word bombs are growing more irrational, and, the Left’s aggression about everyone else even more so. By calling Zell Miller’s speech “hateful” — from Liberals who denigrate everyone else — the Left goes down to subzero.

I’ll pray for them, too, because, as I wrote, there’s always room for improvement.

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  1. -S- says:

    It’s no surprise — predictable, actually — that Christians of any notice, have been and are still attacked as “evil” BY the accuser, the source of lies. I’m guessing that that site has been wrought by someone who is not a Christian.

    Ronald Reagan was not an evil person. His fruits, among other aspects to his person, prove that he wasn’t, much less his faith and beliefs.

    Since the links are kaput on that link, however, I haven’t the faintest idea beyond their splash screen what the point of that “site” is.

  2. justaguy says:

    The link is back up.

    Here’s more info about the documentary…