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BD21423_.gif Kerry performed better than expected tonight in this first of three Presidential debates. The significant word is “performed,” since Kerry’s poise made no sense with most of his fluctuating positions.

Kerry’s phrase, that he wants to “change the dynamics on the ground” means — let me attempt a summation here — that Kerry thinks the United States military should “pull out of Iraq” at some undetermined but soonly anticipated time, and that the people of Iraq, ready or not, would be left to deal with force and civil unrest, whatever it might be, and Kerry would disregard any imposition or increased threat upon the United States brought about by that “change (in the) dynamics on the ground.”

Otherwise, what?

But, about everything else, Kerry was polished, yes, but that indicated to me only a high level of rehearsal, a composure that’s prepared for the camera, that rehearsed moment…several talented actors came to mind, unfortunately.

Bush’s more apparent emotions throughout most of the debate were more comforting to my view and ear, if only because they were more real, genuine in comparison with Kerry’s performance, while Bush responded more appropriately to the issues and to and about Kerry’s many and ongoing contradictions. I liked that Bush confronted that about Kerry. I didn’t leave the evening finding Kerry any more attractive than before. Just less offensive.

Maybe that’s a problem, right there. Kerry said that he’s had “one position, one consistent position…” and yet very few people can identify what that position of Kerry’s has been, or is now.

BD21423_.gif One thing that’s glaring in offense about Kerry is his ongoing insistence about “America” as a ‘weak’ country, as a place that bears some need, requirement even, to hone up to poor character, Kerry’s emphasis on the “wrong war,” “wrong path,” “wrong plan” and all. It’s offensive. It’s also the reason or a great deal of the reason why Kerry’s appealing to persons in other countries who dislike by prejudice what they’ve been told “America” is: Kerry echoes that prejudice, and it causes me to recoil.

There weren’t any grand soundbites from the evening, any huge mistakes or errors or glaring offenses, but Kerry’s insistence that he’s Presidential because he “knows what it is” to be in combat, his reference once again to Vietnam, how “wrong” he feels — and his perspectives really are just an indication of his emotional tone — how “wrong” he feels “America” is on so many fronts: I wonder who he thinks he’s speaking to and where they’ve been for the last many years.

BD21423_.gif But Bush did a great job of remaining firm and consistent, by comparison, about every point and objective of his first term in office. I was proud of him. Still am.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I agree with your assessment.

    I also don’t think this debate tonight will have any effect either way. I believe the polls will remain as is…maybe a 1% change.

  2. justaguy says:

    FLASH: Kerry stated: ‘That’s why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there.’ (Driving home point that Bush as not done enough to protect the country.)

    The NYC subway did not close at all during the convention, according to a report on cable outlet NY1, even though Penn station was shut for several hours…

    Kerry also misspoke when he referred to looking at KGB records in “Treblinka Square” in a visit to Russia. Treblinka was a Nazi death camp. He meant Lubyanka Square…

  3. justaguy says:

    After Bush brought up the 87 billion…Kerry
    said he misspoke about the war. It’s not about misspeaking about the war…it’s about
    voting against the funding for our troops.