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RedDotSml.gif “…some media types thought having his old pal John Sasso along on the road would help focus Kerry a bit more on his stump speeches. Judging by Kerry’s performance last Thursday in North Carolina, they’re not sure anymore. While talking about the economy, health-care policy, Kerry went off speech and began stumbling immediately. Kerry said that he would always tell the public the truth, and if the audience didn’t believe him, they could ‘[g]o to a web site. It can be or go some other place. Go to, if there is one, and find out what’s really happening,’ Kerry said.

“ won’t set you free, but at least you’ll be able to see a bit more clearly. is operated by Truth Hardware, makers of a complete line of locks, window hinges and remote-controlled power window systems.”

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Here We Go Some More
By The Prowler
Published 9/13/2004 12:08:06 AM

RedDotSml.gif Everybody should at least be informed: Kerry and the Killing.

Was that before or after he burned down the village with his Zippo lighter and shot all the domestic animals? After thinking about this, I am just not interested in knowing in what particular order Kerry did what and when, but I am interested in why he’s questioning anyone’s “military service” with a history like his own.

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