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BD21423_.gif From headlines today:

Thursday, September 23, 2004
Helen Thomas defends Rather
‘The real issue is why doesn’t the president tell us the truth?’
Posted: September 23, 2004, 1:00 a.m. Eastern – 2004

“Helen Thomas, the so-called “dean of the White House press corps,” is not blasting up Dan Rather over his use of unreliable documents about President Bush’s military record, but instead is targeting Bush himself.

“‘To me, the real issue is why doesn’t the president tell us the truth?’ Thomas said Tuesday at a Monmouth University forum on women and journalism in West Long Branch, N.J. ‘Why doesn’t he put out all the documents? Because he can’t, because there are too many gaps.’

“…’Truth is our Holy Grail’ she said. ‘I’m sure everybody is feeling bad about it.’

“The paper says Thomas wasn’t alone in her defense of the CBS Evening News anchor, as her comments were echoed by longtime Associated Press reporter Linda Deutsch.

“‘This is all so symptomatic of kill-the-messenger mentality,’ Deutsch said. ‘They are interested more in Dan Rather. … The underlying issue of Bush’s National Guard Service is ignored. … People are gloating over it. I find that very disturbing.'”

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BD21423_.gif Contrary to what the two “reporters” opine — Ms. Thomas and Ms. Deutsch — the REAL story is not Bush’s National Guard Service records — released, all — but that Dan Rather didn’t respect either Thomas’ “Holy Grail” of truth, nor basic public trust, to name just a tip of the Real Story Iceberg here.

And that, contrary to what Deutsch opines, no one is “(more) interested in Dan Rather (than the underlying issue),” nor are they intent on a “kill-the-messenger mentality,” as she aberrantly continues, quoted in this article, but that the message was corrupt, the purpose moreso, and the messenger dropped the wand and picked up the axe, and people such as Thomas and Deutsch continue to miss the significance altogether. No one wants to “kill-the-messenger” as a priority so much as they — we — want credibility and reason and the right questions posed and answered. Performances are for theatre.

Instead, these two dwell in the hyperbole of personality, rely on their totem, assumptive process of support of personality, the story be damned.

Neither of these two appear remotely interested in the fact that John Kerry hasn’t released his full military records to the public, nor about Kerry’s behavior during enlisted status, mostly those commisserations with the enemy during a time of war.

And that, last April, the John Kerry for President website purportedly printed — in complete sentences and expressions, no less — some of the very same content that was later, months later, presented by Dan Rather in the “documents”. That’d mean that the Kerry campaign — whoever that is as regards this issue, but it’s a stretch to consider that Kerry was naive or uninvolved at this extent — had access to the “documents” that Bill Burkett later said were in his possession, and prior to the time that CBS says they had the copies.

BD21423_.gif So, to add to the Real Story Iceberg, how about criminal acts to harm the Presidency, via fraud and forgery? And by a political party?

Now, there’s a story. And it’s real.

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  1. msl says:

    She said it (Grail) not me….

    [in medieval hall]
    KNIGHTS (The Lib Media Talking Heads and Helen Thomas): [singing]

    We’re knights of the Round Table
    We spin whene’re we’re able
    With fax machines from Abilene
    Making news out of a fable
    We’re fine up here in Camelot
    We just want to give Jf’nK a shot

    We’re Knights of the Round Table.
    Our news shows formidable,
    But many times we’re given lines
    That don’t quite fit our fable
    So, with Mary Mapes, we’ll give you fakes
    And hope you’re brain’s disabled
    We’re fine up here in Camelot
    Just can’t help but give that Bush a pop….

    [in dungeon]
    PRISONER (Emaciated Al Gore w/ Long Fake Beard):
    [clap clap clap clap]

    [in medieval hall]
    We’re knights of the round table

    KNIGHTS: [tap-dancing]

    With any war we’re quite unstable
    Between our quests we’ll lead protests
    And be sure you have a label
    It’s a busy life in Camelot.

    RATHER: (In very low broadcaster voice)
    I have to push the SPAM a lot…

    Well, on second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. ’tis a silly place.


  2. justaguy says:


    Man, those guys at the RNC are a regular Bloodhound Gang or Mod Squad. Take a look at this little observation:

    9 HOURS BEFORE THE CBS REPORT: “Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe said, ‘George W. Bush’s cover story on his National Guard service is rapidly unraveling. … George W. Bush needs to answer why he regularly misled the American people about his time in the Guard and who applied political pressure on his behalf to have his performance reviews ‘sugarcoated.'” (Terence Hunt, “Questions Raised About Bush Guard Service,” The Associated Press, 9/9/04)
    (I checked with the RNC how they knew it was nine hours ahead of CBS report – it turns out McAuliffe made this statement during a press event held at 11 am Sept. 8.)

    The CBS memo, revealed on 60 Minutes that night: “Harris gave me a message today from Grp regarding Bush’s OETR and Staudt is pushing to sugar coat it.”

    “Sugarcoated.” What an interesting word. McAuliffe could have said that Bush’s performance reviews were covered up, spun, masked, smoothed over, soft-pedaled, glossed over, prettified, veiled, whitewashed, hushed up, concealed, varnished, suppressed, or distorted. But he just happened to pick a word that appeared in the memos that were supposedly unveiled to the world hours later.

    Even beyond McAuliffe’s direct quote of the memos, he’s specifically referring to the central allegation of the Burkett-to-Mapes memo, that Staudt wanted Bush

  3. -S- says:

    Ha, msl, very smartly done!

    On the other hand, in defense of the Knights of the Round Table (well, why not?), the OldCoreMedia is harldy heroic, donchyathink?