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Kerry Lied While Good Men Died“, Monday, September 13, 2004.

American Daughter” has an excellent story with photographs to share from a rally held yesterday in Washington, D.C., included in which was a presentation and moving testimony shared by the Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry.

From earlier comments section, this site, there are these words by “Anonymous“, September 12, 2004: “…I watched the Vietnam Veterans for Truth rally in D.C. today on C-SPAN. Great stuff. BG Burkett really nailed Rather. Something about…Rather said he served in the Korean War…and Burkett discovered he never served and was kicked out of bootcamp or something? The most moving part was Steve Pitkin…asking for forgiveness and explaining how Kerry forced him to give false testimony.”

[Ed. Note, September 13, 2004: Unfortunately, I’ve looked through C-SPAN‘s site and there’s no active material available there for the events of September 12, 2004 as of this hour — perhaps later, or, we can hope so — so, if you missed the live broadcast from yesterday, unless C-SPAN provides a tape of the events at some future time, you can’t view the Rally as of today.]

Among other situations where Kerry has lied, past and present, specifically, ForgeGate/RatherGate/DocuGate/FontGate underway as to expose, source and participants, ongoing by Wizbang! among other bloggers. (About the Jammies Brigade, include me!)

Steve Pitkin, September 12, 2004,
at the D.C. Rally, with very moving testimony to share.

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