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21 C O M M E N T S

  1. Marc says:

    Pleased to join the Brigade. By the way, I did a little parody of my own here. Keep the faith.

  2. -S- says:

    Slashes? No slashes on these Jammies!

    Superheroes? Yes, the Jammie Brigade ARE Superheroes!

  3. -S- says:

    Welcome, any and all, to the Jammie Brigade.

    Heroes, all.

  4. -S- says:

    I sure want to thank the generous individual who donated to the cause. Is very appreciated.


  5. TC says:

    “Reporting for duty, ma’am, with my BVDs starched and pressed (and itchy, I gotta tell ya…).”

  6. Mad Mikey says:

    Do you have anything with Superheroes on them?? Slashes just make my butt look huge….

  7. Mad Mikey says:

    No, I was think of something with like Superman, Green Lantern, or maybe The Hulk….

  8. -S- says:

    I like O’Reilly’s show. I lost heart when he moreorless melted/withered during what would have been otherwise an excellent opportunity to interview Michael Moore, but, for the most part, O’Reilly is still very reliable to at least provide interesting questions that most others on air don’t even ask.

    I thought O’Reilly’s interview with O’Neill, specifically, from the SwiftVets group, was astoundingly humane, very intelligent.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very cute.

    As I say, being a member of the Jammie Brigade implies one is working extra hard to keep the word abreast of the facts, unlike say Dan Rather’s or Bill O’Reilly’s 8-5 (if that) job.


  10. -S- says:

    Yeah, I agree that O’Reilly has those very noticable moments where he looks like he’s lying to protect and encourage advertisers…errr, for some reason, anyway. He made an insisting comment two days ago about there being “no difference between” Kerry and Bush (about “the war”) and O’Reilly really, really looked like he was lying and aware of it, but lying anyway…I think there are obviously other things influencing him at those moments. It would be fascinating to know what they are.

    But, I still enjoy O’Reilly’s show, mostly because O’Reilly’s grandstanding such as in those moments (^^) seem so elaborate as to be part of the entertainment factor alone. As in, I get the impression that O’Reilly is aware that many among his viewers are aware of his theatrical amplifications when he makes them…thus that look on his face that gives the moment away, while he continues on with the charade. I enjoy that. At least, far more than any of the other Q&A…I like Hannity quite a bit and don’t get why he’s the subject of so much ridicule. He’s one of the few people, in addition to O’Reilly, who asks the right questions. I just wish he’d get a mute button installed for all the screamers among the Left who won’t stop talking while someone else tries to respond.

  11. msl says:

    I have to admit I watch altogether too much TV news.
    Funny, I’ve noticed that same thing with O’Reilly; as if he’s giving you the wink when he knows that you know (that he knows?). That’s a tounge twister :)

    As for my favorite personality, it hands down has gotta be Tony Snow. He may not be the biggest ‘mouth’ among them, but I’ve never, not on any other network, seen someone who seems so genuinely excited about political events.
    Really, when there’s something cool going on, Tony positively -skips- around the newsroom. Too bad he’s not on as much any more.
    I get the impression that he really cares about the process, not just for the cameras. I think he and Brit make a great team.


  12. -S- says:

    HA! Me, too, as to Tony Snow. He gets so EXCITED about HIS JOB! It’s NEWWWWSSS! I really love him, wish I could see more of him, just as you write.

    I’m thinking that FOX is under some sort of “keep it low key” this campaing cycle, especially…because they really are making a point of having a lot of Dems on and sorta, “maintaining low tones…” more than usual.

    Which MIGHT explain why Tony Snow hasn’t been on very much recently. It’s a guess.

  13. msl says:

    I agree (about the low key thing) it sort of fits with my views on Kerry’s campaign itself.
    Right now all GB has to do is look presidential and avoid any big gaffes.
    Kerry is almost out of toes he’s been shooting himself in the feet so much and he and the DNC and the liberal press are all taking turns with the gun.
    Fox is in the same boat as the Pres, If they can simply manage to look moderate and fair for a while, while CNN CBS and their ilk show us they’re really DNC puppets, FOX wins.
    Same as GB.

  14. msl says:

    One last comment on Kerry shooting his feet.
    I’d bet my buttons that Kerry is headed for a ‘Dean Moment’.
    By that I mean, every time I see him, he’s a shade closer to really coming unhinged. This whole thing must be driving him insane. I wonder if he’s sleeping well. Every time he opens his mouth he sticks a foot in, or his friends help him, and that ‘Idiot Texan’ and his neocon friends are running circles around him without even breathing hard.
    Tough on such an elitist as he.
    I’ve been having fun trying to guess when and where it’ll happen.
    Kerry is headed for own his primal (primary) scream.
    And I can’t wait for the day because you know that whatever form it takes, every network will run the clip 4 million times a day.
    Let’s start a pool, of some fashion. Like guessing when a baby will be born and what sex it’ll be.
    He may not even make it to the debates.!

  15. The Smoke Eater says:

    PJ blogger “SmokeEater” reporting for duty, and I have a question. Do those of us who get any type of “injury” resulting from overstarched PJ’s or a rash/irritation from the tags (or the type or amount of starch used) get a Purple Heart?

  16. Jeff Brazill says:

    Chris Mattthews has to be sighing a big sigh of relief! With all the focus now on Dan, hardly anyone remembers Chris almost getting challenged to a duel by Zell Miller (a prospect that seemed to rightly scare Matthews).
    Jeff Brazill

  17. Porter G. says:

    Great job, Suzy! Threw the logo up on my site, hope everyone else does the same!

    Porter G.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Even if I’m wearing too-big jammies that I have to roll up so I can walk, can I join, too? I promise to be a good superhero when I get older!! (New to blogging….)

  19. -S- says:

    piratescove, thanks…the logo has really caught on and many folks are including it on their sites, along with the fact that my blog here, BIRD, has in excess of 3,000 visits yesterday and ongoing today. Amazing.

    I’m looking into seeing if some provider may be able to make wearable/usable items available with the logo, since I’m already receiving inquiries about that, too.

    Will post any updates to the JAMMIES BRIGADE as they develope.

  20. -S- says:

    Ah, I think that we should all continue to honor most all of the Purple Heart awards and focus in on the honorability or lack thereof of why Kerry even has a few. I know I’d like someone to reconsider those awards, particularly.

    The JAMMIES BRIGADE would never cause a rash, except of course, to anyone making bogus allegations through “documents” from unnamed sources…

  21. -S- says:

    Jeff Brazill:

    My best hunch is that Chris Matthews can’t recover from his slide…so, a lot of people just ignore him unless he becomes just too, too (in which case, bloggers pour over his inaccuracies).

    Because he’s not the subject o’ moment, however, I’m thinking that the point about Matthews has long since sunk in. Except, maybe, to Matthews and MSNBC.