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David Chase, Creator and Producer of “The Sopranos,” HBO, with Best Drama Series Award, 56th Annual Emmy Awards, Los Angeles, CA 09/17/04, Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

RedDotSml.gif The redeeming moment for this year’s 56th Annual Emmy Awards viewing for me, from earlier this evening, was seeing “The Sopranos” finally receive the due it deserves: Best Drama Series. Nominated for five years and finally this fifth year, receiving the honor.

Other memorable and very appreciated moments for my view and perspectives were:

RedDotSml.gif Michael Imperioli, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (“The Sopranos,” character Christopher Moltisanti — “Christofah” to many of us fans);

RedDotSml.gif Drea de Matteo, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (“The Sopranos,” character Adriana La Cerva);

RedDotSml.gif Terence Winter, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (“The Sopranos”, Season Five, Episode 64, “Long Term Parking“), which Series Winter is also Executive Producer of; and,

RedDotSml.gif Al Pacino, Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Miniseries (“Angels In America,” which I regard as being abhorrently profane in all capacities and regard other than Al Pacino’s remarkable performance in that series).

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  1. justaguy says:

    Check out the new clip…

    “Excerpt from the Documentary – Winter soldier’s investigation”

  2. -S- says:

    Pretty inspiring (new clip, but they all are).

    The Navy determined that they would not invetigate Kerry’s “medals,” which surprised me. Based upon what even at this point is generally known about them — why they were awarded, particularly, next would be what Kerry has said about them over time — I was quite surprised that the Navy found everything “in order” (close to that…they didn’t determine anything unordinary about Kerry’s receipt of the medals and the circumstances).

    Perhaps there is still more to be investigated about Kerry’s past, which might be better reviewed by another area of the government.

    On the other hand, there’s a certain degree of exhaustion setting in among the public about the entire issue of past military performance.

  3. justaguy says:

    The Democrats and the liberal MSM have been spinning that report. The Navy found no fault…only with the “procedure” for the awards.

    It did not investigate or comment on the following…

    * The authenticity of the signature of former Navy Secretary John Lehman as it appears on Kerry’s Silver Star citation. Lehman says
    he never signed the document and questioned its language.

    * The “Silver Star with Combat V” notation appearing on Kerry DD214 form. A Navy official called the “Combat V” award “incorrect” last month before Route began his probe, saying that such an award has never been issued in Navy history.

    * A 1971 trip by Kerry to Paris where Kerry met with senior North Vietnamese representatives to discuss a peace deal without U.S. approval. Kerry was a member of the Navy Reserve at the time.

    * An account by a Navy doctor who treated Kerry for his first Purple Heart wound, who said it was so minor that he gave Kerry a band aid and
    sent him on his way.

  4. justaguy says:

    I thought the Swiftboat parody tonight was tacky.

  5. justaguy says:

    On a lighter note…


  6. -S- says:

    I have no idea what “the liberal MSM” is.

  7. -S- says:

    Yeaaahhhhaaaaaa is right! I noticed at the very last bit of footage, the cops were leaping at the car…bet they were, ahem, p*ss*d. To put it mildly. Nutty stuff.

  8. -S- says:

    “It (the Navy) did not investigate or comment on the following…”

    I know. Shame that they didn’t, and aren’t going to. Someone certainly should. People comment that it isn’t significant because Kerry’s not the President. I say it IS significant (and important to investigate his past) because he’s in the Senate and has been a member of the Intelligence Committee (and more) while there, and for a long, long time, influencing many aspects of our country’s defense and response to terrorism policies and capabilities. And, of course, he’s running for the Presidency so it’s even moreso important because of that, what’s in his past.

    If anything, Kerry was still enlisted when he made his trips to Paris and when he also met with Communist persons to discuss prisoner of war information (or so it’s now said he did and why). I can’t imagine why no one has not investigated Kerry’s behavior before…or if so, no reprimand was ever made about his behavior, of any official kind. He certainly — in my opinion — should never have been admitted to the Senate. Sure lowers the bar as to standards for office…

  9. -S- says:

    “– Anonymous writes…
    I thought the Swiftboat parody tonight was tacky.”

    Yeah, I did, also, just incredibly tacky. But, there were several other specific statements made during the broadcast that were just as tacky, if not far more so. Even completely crude…

    Mike Nichols speaking about Kirschner: “he from whom all blessings flow…”

    I was remembering Dante, about how the most vile speak the most fluently, about how severity of “evil” delivers the most boastful, “starring” attentive dialogue.

    I honestly thought I was viewing something BY Dante tonight, throughout a good part of that broadcast, including Meryl Streep’s “charming” vanity and self indulgence.

    Interesting, as to that SwiftVets parody, if you can call it that, is that there’s a website by the same name that was high on the Blogdex listing about a week ago (even uses the same logo that was broadcast during the EMMYs on that ‘parody’ piece), but that the parody was broadcast DURING THE EMMYs as some sort of entertainment among the entertainment. I’m wondering how and who and why there wasn’t equal time offered. You know, something about “George Soros In Hell with Teresa and John and John” or thereabouts. It would make as much sense and be as much fair as was that parody about the Swiftvets and how it was shown and when…and why.

  10. justaguy says:

    MSM = (probably should have been MM) mainstream media :)

  11. -S- says:

    Yes, it is sickening. The profane really, really hates Catholic, Christian imagery as it does the Church and Christ. Not like Christ hasn’t told us this we would encounter…

    About that image butchery, I’d be curious to know what Bill Clinton has to say.