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Having just written in recommendation of LILEKS “Monday” comments, I found that littlegreenfootballs has woven LILEKS’ gold out of the deconstructed rubble that is Michael Moore and the dreadful Ted Rall.

I wrote comments at littlegreenfootballs that comprise what I had in mind to write here, so, I’ll just reprint all of it here and not attempt a rewrite, as follows.

The thread:

RedDotSml.gif 9/6/2004: Bottom Race 2004

The race to the bottom may have been won. Ted Rall online. He must be jealous of all the attention Michael and Art are getting.

(Hat tip: Ny Nana.)

posted by Charles at 7:25 PM PST

RedDotSml.gif My comments:

#140 -S- 9/6/2004 11:43PM PST

About that dribble by MMoore (first and last time I’ve ever read through a full column by Moore), I’m thinking that it is just egotistical hubris writing there: he continues to press his “I created a documentary” nonsense — in Moore’s case, he’s knowledgeable enough about film genres so I doubt that his insistence about F:9/11 being “a documentary” is from an uninformed perspective, but more of Moore’s egotistical randiness (say it enough times because it’s getting a rise out of others) — just because there’s an apparent challenge before the Academy: be serious filmmakers and be forced to admit that Moore’s thing isn’t a documentary, or, adjudge the thing a “documentary” and reveal yourself (any Academy member who’d vote that way) to be the inviolate artiste that you would be if you think Moore’s film is a documentary and actually vote that way.

So, Moore’s gotta do something to contain the egoism: which is what he did a while ago by going into his “I’m a serious filmmaker” mode and his “I have a serious political message to document here” ruse. Now he’s making threats (trying to show his thing on a televised broadcast the eve of the elections, which might, actually, drive more people away from the DNC) and going for the “I’m a martyred documentary filmmaker” position.

Moore is a tawdry individual. I do believe that “L” hand sign he flashed at the RNC during McCain’s speech was Moore uncontrollably admitting that he’s actually, really and truly, a Loser. Loser. “L” is for Loser just like the “K” in Kerry is for Killer(*)…stupid threats against the President with that rifle idea, I can’t understand why Kerry isn’t being nabbed by the Secret Service at this point. Also Moore. And Ted Rall, for Heaven’s sake.

RedDotSml.gif (*) “K” in Kerry is for Killer” refers to these statements made by John Kerry earlier today:

RedDotSml.gif From an Associated Press article: In West Virginia, Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America, gave Kerry a rifle as a gift. Kerry, a self-described gun-owner and hunter, quipped: “I thank you for the gift, but I can’t take it to the debate with me.”

RedDotSml.gif I don’t know if Senators are impervious to investigations by the Secret Service for making a threat or threats against the U.S. President and/or Presidency, but Senator Kerry’s comments sure seem threatening to my read. Said while waving a rifle, no less.

These are the lowdown, dirty days.

Krafty Kerry.