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Names comingle in our world’s community of humans.

I’m NOT this “Dr. Susan Rice:”


That “Susan Rice” is a former Clinton Cabinet member (former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton Presidency), and is currently identified as “an advisor to the Kerry campaign on National Security,” but, she’s not me.

After what has been reported as Dr. Rice’s screaming appearance on FOX News with Neil Cavuto this past Monday — I missed her appearance and the screaming but I can well imagine both after hearing from hapless lost friends about that person’s screaming at hapless callers who haplessly contacted her looking for me during times past (I heard the same story from anyone who succeeded in reaching me afterward, and they all spoke literally traumatized by the “screaming” from the “other Susan Rice” they’d haplessly telephoned instead of me), so, after hearing Neil Cavuto read a sampling of the FOX viewer comments about Rice’s screaming during her Monday FOX appearance, I don’t hesitate to believe them. Plus, I can’t imagine anyone needing to scream at Neil Cavuto, but I can imagine that particular person screaming at anyone. “A nasty exchange” says Cavuto. I believe him.

My AUTOBIOGRAPHY is published on my website, should anyone want to read about me, Susan Elizabeth (Suzy) Rice. Plus, I am, as my family is, Caucasian — in my case, a very, very pale redhead Caucasian with green eyes, thanks to, mostly, my maternal grandfather from Scotland — should that matter to anyone (it matters to me because I am very fond of my ancestry and my ancestors); and, not that I’ve asked for it or the issue has otherwise come up in my life, I don’t have National Security clearance but Dr. Susan Rice does.

And, I’d be the last person standing to be working for the Kerry campaign, or be a part of the Clinton administration.

I have access to a reliable history of the Rice family from a now deceased grandmother, which history includes the identity of my earliest immigrating ancestor from Wales, England to North America, with related dates for that travel and the life he led in Wales (original family surname was “Rhyse”, still inhabited today by mostly those who remained in England) and the life that ancestor of mine led after arriving in North America, prior to the place becoming the country it is today: he landed in what is now Massachusetts and his grave with headstone exists there to this day. In that history from my grandmother, there are also reliable stories and dates of land grants and deeds and marriages and births and deaths and more as to how the African-American branch of the Rice surname came to be from the tobacco farming years in the American Southeast from centuries ago, but that’s another story.

Autobiographies of Americans, stars and stripes, the red and the blue and the white.

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