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BD21423_.gif CBS Guard Documents Traced to Tex. Kinko’s
Records Reportedly Faxed From Abilene

By Michael Dobbs
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 16, 2004; Page A06
2004 The Washington Post Company

BD21423_.gif “Documents allegedly written by a deceased officer that raised questions about President Bush’s service with the Texas Air National Guard bore markings showing they had been faxed to CBS News from a Kinko’s copy shop in Abilene, Tex., according to another former Guard officer who was shown the records by the network.

“The markings provide one piece of evidence suggesting a source for the documents, whose authenticity has been hotly disputed since CBS aired them in a “60 Minutes” broadcast Sept.8. The network has declined to name the person who provided them, saying the source was confidential, or to explain how the documents came to light after more than three decades.

“There is only one Kinko’s in Abilene, and it is 21 miles from the Baird, Tex., home of retired Texas National Guard officer Bill Burkett, who has been named by several news outlets as a possible source for the documents.

Robert Strong, who was one of three people interviewed by “60 Minutes,” said he was shown copies of the documents by CBS anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes on Sept. 5, three days before the broadcast. He said at least one of the documents bore the faxed header “Kinko’s Abilene.”

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BD21423_.gif Twenty-one miles from Baird, Texas to the Abilene Kinko’s, twenty-one miles back to Baird: forty-two miles and a big, dark lie.

Fried Man.

BD21423_.gif Update: read ACE of SPADES’ article, “Dan Rather’s Unimpeachable Source”

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  1. -S- says:

    Ha, this is getting more than interesting…I just included that link, and then returned to find your comment/link. Pretty amazing.

    Sure does look like Burkett’s a man who was on a mission, a very destructive one.

  2. -S- says:

    Yeah, but a person would have to be entirely reckless not to find that situation worrisome, and very much so. It’s a situation (nuclear Iran) that the U.S. has to contend with, like it or not, just has to intervene…through one means or another. The idea of a tame Iran today seems implausible but so did the idea of a tame Japan and even a tame Germany, as to military aggression. Imagine Kerry “summit meeting” and “seeking U.N. approval”‘ing the issue until the Apocolypse begins…another of the reasons why Bush and Cheney are the guys for the times.

  3. justaguy says:

    This is why I still despise Fonda. She’s supposedly sorry for her North Viet. past…but she’s donating money to Kerry and is still a left wing nut.

    Michael Moore…would be proud of this.

  4. -S- says:

    Indymedia UK is an anarchist organization…funded by both Soros and Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s philanthropy, despite the several generations of money from source to receipt.

    They also drive “counter” cultural movements all over the U.S. from the UK and Netherlands, hosting local gettogethers under one academic premise for purposes of another paramilitary purpose…because, they do behave paramilitarily, what with that “f**k the military” theme/meme of theirs, they actually offer their own paramilitary methods as alternative or counter military. I really loathe indymedia, and have yet to ever, not once, interact with anyone involved with them who isn’t into various methods of intelligence work, to call the spade the spade that it is. A lot of them use the Internet to annoy and harass, unfortunately.

    It’s horrible that Jane Fonda would be involved with indymedia, just horrible. As with anyone else. Soros benefits mightily from profitting from the suffering of others — his basis for wealth. About Fonda, dunno, seems to be enigmatic in character, to a degree, certainly someone lost on many occasions. If she’s continuing involvement with indymedia, she still is.

  5. -S- says:

    Ah, Teresa…”let them go naked” about storm struck children…I THINK what she was going for there is to prioritize assistance: water, food and shelter first and then think about clothing, but, she needs to SAY that instead of the “let them go naked” stuff. It reminds me of her comments that she was campaign weary and needed time “to just be.”

    Not a person who, obviously, identifies with common needs, the average concerns of most human beings.

    Maybe Teresa should just “go naked” and try living in a shelter for a few nights. Unfortunately, she’d get sick to her stomach and be whisked away to a private hospital and a private room with room service and attendants where she could “just be”.

    Teresa in the White House would probably resemble a similar situation, regarding any public concerns as inconvenient or even nauseatingly “real”. Poor THK…she certainly seems to be an immature person, caught in a gilded cage. Who likes the gilded cage and thinks that’s her world. Um, perhaps it is.

  6. -S- says:

    It’s beginning to formulate, however, into a “billionaires wing” about the Left…Fonda, Soros, THKerry and many others…people who are shut off from most common, daily demands and certainly suffering, trying to diagnose solutions with their billions of dollars. I wouldn’t mind that so much if it didn’t seem so inappropriate in application. I mean, build and do and help but what they’re promoting is destructive social conditions, not constructive ones. The “national health care” thing is a prime example, as it’s now unfolded.

    I’m not at all, NOT AT ALL, opposed to delivering health care to needy persons, but the national system that Kerry, et al. propose will accomplish exactly the opposite, and reduce quality of care for everyone else, on average while limiting access and costing far more than care now does. It’s another situation where people out of touch with the reality of most persons’ lives are trying to simply throw huge quantities of money at a person, an idea, without accounting for the results.

  7. -S- says:

    Yeah, that column by Ben Shapiro really does say it as to media insistence on all the wrong and often inaccurate things…the media’s distance and avoidance of even mentioning Kerry’s mumbo jumbo nothingness that often populates his speech (“often” is an understatement) that indicates to me a very scattered set of motives all in one person (Kerry), versus the media’s pounce and without letup upon Bush’s misspeaks in public.

    Bush’s speaking always seemed to me to be a form of stuttering, something I can identify with, a form of social anxiety — something I can also well identify with, while, with Kerry, it seems that he’s socially overconfident to such an extent that he’s arrogant and then speaks accordingly, without ever saying anything while using so many words that he attempts a barricade about his character (so many words, so many barricades…obfuscates who he “really” is, is what I’m saying here).

    Kerry’s method of speech, to me, indicates a far more dreadful message: someone who is hiding behind a performed delivery. It’s not as if many people don’t notice, however, and certainly notice that the mainstream media tries to deflect attention away from Kerry. Reason is why. Very frustrating.

  8. -S- says:

    Ace of Spades is doing an excellent job of coverage and asking all the right questions.

    As are freerepublic — just amazing information.

  9. justaguy says:

    I agree…wither it’s speeches or interviews (MTV…late night tv, etc.)…Kerry always talks down to individuals. I’m with Sean Hannity. Kerry scares me like Sen. Stillson from the Dead Zone.

    Interesting poll #s…

  10. -S- says:

    This is intense and immensely informative, the entire thread…

    “Was the DNC Involved…”

  11. -S- says:

    About those polling results, it’s impressive for Bush but also impressive because it’s in USA Today. Pretty remarkable due to source but, actually, the Left is showing real desperation. I see it here in my own neighborhood, a palpable and noticable nervy depression from Demos about our times. They know they’re both losing and that they’ve got losers in office. Pelosi’s recent foolishness is among the most egregiously stupid things I have ever, like ever, heard/read any Democrat ever say (second to that is that letter written by Pelosi, Kerry, Ted Kennedy, et al. dissing the Catholic Bishop for reminding them what being a Catholic means and represents).