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Had I been reading to children and had my top aide whisper in my ear that America is under attack, I would have told those kids very nicely and politely that the president of the United States has something that he needed to attend to,” Kerry said. “And I would have attended to it.”

My first thought on reading those words by John Kerry was that Kerry would have stood in the classroom, said to the children, “I’m going to burn down your village with my Zippo lighter and then I’m going to shoot all your animals and then I’m going to shoot in the back any teenager in a loincloth who runs away!”

And all the children would start to scream and cry and otherwise would be traumatized for life, even after Kerry ran from the room and grabbed the Secret Service men and “attended” to them, pleading with them to get him the h*** out of there, despite the fact that he would need to wait seven to ten minutes until they successfully organized a safe route out of the schoolhouse yard.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I saw this live…it was the best interview ever.

    Scroll down to, “FNC’s Brian Kilmeade Takes on Janeane Garofalo.”

    I’m still trying to find a video of it.


  2. justaguy says:

    April 7, 2004

    “In an interview broadcast Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr as a “legitimate voice” in Iraq, despite that fact that he’s led an uprising that has killed nearly 20 American GIs in the last two days.”

  3. justaguy says:

    Bruce Springsteen is touring for Kerry. I don’t know why we (Republicans) don’t mobilize our musicians. Our lineup would be Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Martina Mcbride, etc. -justaguy

  4. -S- says:

    Responding/adding some comments, in descending order, to the links you’ve included (^^):

    (1.) About “Brian Kilmeade Takes on Janeane Garofalo,” there’s a link there that offers a media copy of the interview:

    “…If you go to the

  5. -S- says:

    Senate Rejects Extension on Unemployment Benefits
    Tuesday, May 11, 2004

    Was passed by only one vote…Kerry wasn’t even there, didn’t vote, so, had Kerry voted, again, it’d been a situation (as with the Amendment to the Constitution on Marriage, whatever it was titled, that also recently didn’t pass that Kerry also [Edwards, too] didn’t show up to vote on or about) then Kerry would be on record as to voting, declaring an opinion…

    That’s the thing that Kerry seems, to me, to be avoiding making known: his opinion, his actual cast votes on record. By not showing up (“campaigning”) and saying later that his vote woulnd’t matter if he was there anyway, so he doesn’t bother voting for that reason, seems to be a weasel-way workaround: he didn’t vote on it, he can’t be held accountable for an opinion, that also isn’t on record, he was otherwise “busy.” Equals: weasel.

    “…Mass. Sen. John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was the only senator who missed the vote…”

  6. -S- says:

    THIS information really tee’s me off:

    Kerry flip-flopping, trying to grab revisionism in the public’s perception of him and what he intends, as quickly as he says what he actually says, minutes before.

    Kerry EMOTIONALLY SYMPATHIES lie with those who the U.S. declares a struggle with and/or against. It’s his routine assumption and has been from all that I’ve read about him, throughout his life, that, whatever it is the United States government decides as to military and economic and even “value” options, Kerry assumes the emotional sympathetic position of the “other,” that which is causing the U.S. to take whatever action to begin with, and assumes that there’s gotta be a wrong there by the U.S. government, if you’re the focus of the U.S. government — again, it’s that “sympathy for the devil” response that readily describes the anti-social personality: “if my parents criticize it, or demand it, it has to be wrong, because my parents are wrong and I’m being victimized” sorta general emotional personality that is applied by the Left in the U.S. to everything about the country, the society, the actions by our government.

    Kerry is really looking to my read more and more like a nuttier version of Howard Dean: “everyone’s in our way!”

    Only it’s important to identify who the “our” is there…it’s not the American culture, society in general, but a segment, more or less a gathering of other anti-social personalities, motivated easily and well by someone who identifies with their sense of victimization and then promises to “lead” them out and over those who they feel “victimize” them, or are otherwise “in the way.”

    Provides a lot of critical energy to any and all issues. They might just as well say, “get out of my roommmmm!” but that would be too easy.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2004 10:41 a.m. EDT
    Kerry: Terrorist Shiite Al-Sadr ‘a Legitimate Voice’In an interview broadcast Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr as a “legitimate voice” in Iraq, despite that fact that he’s led an uprising that has killed nearly 20 American GIs in the last two days.

    Speaking of al-Sadr’s newspaper, which was shut down by coalition forces last week after it urged violence against U.S. troops, Kerry complained to National Public Radio, “They shut a newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq.”

    In the next breath, however, the White House hopeful caught himself and quickly changed direction. “Well, let me … change the term ‘legitimate.’ It belongs to a voice

  7. -S- says:


    Interesting, that story, as huge as it is, isn’t being even mentioned (at least, not today, yesterday) in the media. Instead, CBS Sunday Morning had offered up a feature about John Mellencamp.

    Kerry WENT TO CHINA TO MEET the very same people who were convicted of illegally trading/funding with the Clinton White House?!

    Gives another bit of light to read the funding list for the DNC…who still sends me some pithy pleads for money so they can “take the White House” …scary stuff.

  8. -S- says:

    SCURRILOUS LYING LIAR!Do you ever wonder how this man has managed to craft such a deceitful legacy on his own behalf? And worse, why no one up until now has even challenged him about it? Could it be that he’s managed to remain in the Senate for these, what, past thirty years and kept his head down and his face out of public scrutiny, and missed all those votes because he was…IN CHINA?! Where ELSE has Kerry been in his Senate terms? Hasn’t been in the Senate, had to be doing something.

    I can’t believe that Democrats are even suggeseting that anyone should vote this guy into the White House. They “hate” George Bush but they offer up THIS guy instead? Why? Kerry truly epitomizes the worse fears of nearly everyone, Democrats included.

    –>>”…In a Boston Herald story, Kerry is quoted as saying, “I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real.”

    ELECTION 2004
    Vets say Kerry made up Cambodia story
    Has used account as evidence of war crimes, to attack U.S. policy
    Posted: August 7, 2004

    –>>”But in “Unfit for Command,” scheduled for release Aug. 15, John O’Neill, who took over Kerry’s swift-boat command, and co-author Jerome Corsi say there are two problems with Kerry’s claim.

    –>>”One is simply that Nixon had not taken office yet.

    –>>”The second, they say, is that during Christmas 1968, “he was more than fifty miles away from Cambodia. Kerry was never ordered into Cambodia by anyone and would have been court-martialed had he gone there.”

  9. -S- says:


    The THING about performers, entertainers, musicians particularly, that makes them credible to almost everyone is that they are assumed to be some clarifying “voice” or present a clarifying message to the otherwise motivated politicians, and such in our society.

    That is, musicians, by declaring political parties and going partisan, actually touring on behalf of a politician, person, candidacy, they LOSE CREDIBILITY by doing so, because the entire fan-base enthusiasm about musicians (particularly, but also applies to filmmakers, “comedians” ala Garofalo) is because they offer up some suspension time, some medium, voice that counters the fray, that takes some sublimal, even, position of statement that ISN’T partisan.

    By turning partisan, they (whoever they are) lose credibility in their original personna. I mean, imagine the pitifiable presence that would be Metallica singing about Kerry, as is Pearl Jam now appearing for the DNC/Kerry.

    I can excuse Mellencamp, but Springstein going so partisan just emphasizes to me that he’s got no contact with any audience (meaning, he’s no longer a musician most people are listening to, care to listen to, someone who is no longer making an impact as that UNpartisan voice thing)….so, by going partisan as he has (despite him saying he isn’t going partisan, he in the same interview moments later declares himself partisan so he’s also emphasizing his “old man” perspective, that he’s out of touch, no longer representing that “un”partisan musician hero thing).

    I’m not making criticism here about age or any of us who lives past thirty. But, when something becomes aged such as Springstein-as-musician has, and as Ronstadt has (I hate, really hate, having to include Pearl Jam here but they are, actually, now a Voice of the Past Trend, however great their drummer is)…they tend to resurface all excited about politics or various cleansers or home mortgage companies, ala Bob Villa.

    Somewhat flippant remarks here, yes, but, people who use thier talent and art form to perform on behalf of candidates and parties, AS A STANDARD, NOT AS A ONE OR FEW TIME FUNDRAISER THING, such as have these groups and individuals who say they’re now going to “tour for” Kerry/the DNC, they just lose credibility to their original audience.

    Springstein’s original audience, for example, was and is still ‘blue collar.’ Not the middle class, not the trendy blue jean wearing babies, but the ACTUAL blue collar guys and gals who bolt nuts and change oil and harvest that corn in Iowa, and then cook it up later.

    Springstein now touring for Kerry is like, well, Bob Villa appearing on behalf of a mortgage company, encouragine some people to lose their homes…

    Same with Mellencamp, Ronstadt even. It’s a tragedy to see these people being so manipulated, so easily. ALL of them are people who have waning careers, who have reappeared for the DNC…it’s sad. It’s really sad.

    On the other hand, suggesting that Republican musicians do the same isn’t the answer, but only “compliments” the bad moves.

    IF Nugent, Kid Rock, McBride and others do fundraisers, that’s wonderful (wish they would on behalf of whatever their favored interests are), but going partisan, such that they go tour for the Republican Party, only makes them look as stupid as are the musicians doing so for the DNC.

    Also, those people touring for Kerry aren’t in any economic or career stage to worry what happens if and when they do, since they’re all in the downside of the public interest (Springstein, Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Mellencamp, Pearl Jam even, though not as much as the others); these folks don’t have a lot to lose, they’ve already got their homes, their secure incomes, investments, families, kids in private schools, staffs, all that, they’re set…so, touring isn’t going to get them anything other than airtime and recurring public exposure. They aren’t going to lose much but aren’t going to gain much either — most folks who were their original audiences, who made them as popular as they once were, are now disenfranchised and even turned off by their partisan tours, so they’ll get “new” publicity but turning off their old audiences won’t harm them any given that they’re people already set in life. It’s creatively insulting, however, to anyone who ever was a fan.

    I mean that wholeheartedly. I’ll never, ever be able to listen to Ronstadt and Raitt and Springstein, especially, again without being repulsed and changing the channel. ‘Cause, the only place I’ll be hearing any of them is on a radio…

    P.S.: I never liked Springstein anyway. Everyone I worked for did, so, hey, he’s supposedly great and all, but the ONLY thing by him I ever valued was his “Philadelphia” song but the Grammy for that, well, those Awards…umm…it’s business.

  10. -S- says:

    SWIFT OFFICERS AND VETS: KERRY LIED ABOUT SPENDING CHRISTMAS IN CAMBODIAOh, yeah, he lied. One, obviously, of many, over a lifetime. Kerry’s a coward. Or, rather, just psycho. I can’t figure out what his motivation has been to be quite so dishonest. He’s either covert in nature with *other plans in mind* or he’s, um, psycho.

  11. -S- says:

    Yeah, that clubforgrowth spot is great. I don’t write that it’s “hilarious,” though, so much as it’s specifically accurate as to who Kerry is and only makes anyone who’d take him seriously look even more nutty. All those people being so easily victimized by…Kerry. It’s sad.

  12. justaguy says:

    I found the ad hilarious because of the integration of sound effects…Kerry vacation footage…and the bluntness. There were some liberals on television today complaining about “negative” ads…so the anchor asked…what do you consider a negative ad? The liberal stated all ads that “attack” voting records, etc. Ummm…shouldn’t voting records be discussed during political campaigns? You would think so. -justaguy

  13. -S- says:

    Hey, ~if Kerry had been there, he could attended with his Zippo lighter to Pinky the Cat~!

    O.K., that was a terrible image I just described. I love cats, all living things, and especially tiger cats, in all seriousness.

    But, beware Kerry with a Zippo, I always say, whether human, cat, including wild Pinky.

  14. -S- says:

    err, could HAVE attended to…

    Fear of Kerry with a Zippo has me writing typos.

  15. -S- says:

    As everyone is aware, it’s only the criticism by liberals about everyone else that is “credible” and “allowed” to liberals.

    I heard similar chatter earlier today, also, on CNBC I think it was, just after I watched the later broadcast of “Meet the Press” — Christie Brinkley was being interviewed about her turning 50 years old and she immediately segued into saying, “just visit John Kerry’s site and…I appeal to the mothers…it’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican, but we all have to breathe, we all have to drink the water…” so she then attempted to conclude that everyone should vote for Kerry. The mother aspect came when she was trying to describe Bush as being otherwise responsible for taking all the “sons” from all the “mothers” ‘out there’ (“we’re running out of soldiers,” she included) and saying Kerry’s site offered whatever to “women about women’s issues” and then moved on to the “mothers” and the “air…water” comments…it was a huge relief when the interviewer concluded the vignette at that.

    Honestly, Christie Brinkley, Victim Extraordinaire, up there in the Hamptons, pleading to women, mothers, about air, water, doing her best to rally the old support from the John Kennedy’s speech by (forgot his name, famous Kennedy speechwriter). ~And John Kerry’s site can solve all your problems!~

    Kerry should start offering a “happy pill” through his site…”just donate to Kerry and you will receive this free vial of Happy Pills, to all the women out there…”

    Seriously, though, the thing that I find quite so incredible about these ongoing spots by ongoing semi-retired celebrities on behalf of Kerry is that they never make succinct sense and rely on these grand scare tactic generalities — always making “Bush” responsible. So, hey, vote for Kerry instead, as if that’s the answer to the world’s woes, their own, anyone else’s. It’s worse than Bookie Commercials…