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INDC Journal, August 15, 2004, features a remarkable photograph, “John Kerry Sent Charlie”

Note the spelling. An astute author.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I was watching the Olympics tonight…some interesting background stories on the athletes. For instance, Mohini Bhardwaj…on the U.S. women’s gymnastics team. I can’t remember exactly…if it was at the world championships or some other event…but she did horribly…they told her to give up because of her age (she’s now 25). She trained even harder…and in order to get financial backing…she delivered pizzas…and sold raffle tickets. Apparently, Pam Anderson heard her story…and donated $20,000. She made the Olympic team…and she’s doing pretty good. -justaguy

  2. justaguy says:

    I was watching Fox and Friends this morning…apparently Bush’s camp is putting together an ad…that addresses Kerry’s intelligence votes. In 2001….Kerry missed 76% of all of his Intel Committee meetings….last year…he missed 100% of them. Should be interesting.

  3. -S- says:

    About the ad campaign theme (“Kerry’s concept of ‘intelligence'”), it’s long overdue…meaning, it can only be effective at this point, since it addresses a very important point of confusion by many who are voters undecided (and misled by Kerry, as to ‘intelligence’ expertise and capability).

    But, I’d take it even farther and that is, address the issue of Kerry’s actual intelligence as a candidate. Based upon his Senate record, he’s not looking so “intelligent” about matters of intelligence, but apparently, from what I read in several Letters to the Editor in magazines yesterday, some undecided voters wrote that they’d decided to vote for Kerry because of “Kerry’s intelligence”.

    Meaning, somehow, Kerry has managed to fool some voters into accepting him as someone “more intelligent” than the Republican version of government, and particularly more so than George Bush and since the Left has been whittling away for many years now on their “Bush isn’t smart” campaign, Kerry has swooped in like some Intelligence Vulture and said, “here I am, Mr. Smartypants.”

    And some voters believe him.

    More of that Left Supremacy, or assumption that they represent the “smarter, cooler” factor among our population — which they don’t, but they are the smarmiest who boast the most about just how smart they think they are by calling everyone else, not among the Left, as being not smart.

    So, Kerry’s used this meme in society to say he’s Smartypants and Bush is Dumbbell. And some people apparently believe this, among those not committed to either Party and/or those with dislikes about both Parties who are trying to vote based upon which candidate (Bush or Kerry) is “superior.”

    The RNC needs to get on this point because, obviously, it’s been a thorn in the intellectual side of most among conservatives, that irrational and inappropriate assumption by the Left/Democrats that they are somehow superior intellectually to other Americans. Kerry’s showing his vulnerability, however, by assuming that he can use that Left meme because it ensures just how stupid he actually is, as it does about most in the Left, when there’s any capability and/or ability by undecided voters to become more familiar with the actual arrogance of this idea (that Kerry is the “more intelligent” candidate).