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This article in The Washington Post (registration required; use —

“Swift Boat Accounts Flawed”, by Michael Dobbs, Sunday, August 22, 2004

— is interesting as a recap of events but rather than providing solutions by that recap, the article emphasizes the divergent perspectives of many about the few, the many veterans who have information that shows that Kerry and a few Kerry boatmates share a tale that no one else supports (even some among the Kerry boatmates don’t agree with the tales told by John Kerry and the few Kerry boatmates).

But, worse, the article concludes with this statement:

–>> “…A lot of people just can’t forgive and forget,” countered Kerry crew member Medeiros. <<-- That statement, from among all the others, delivers to my read the most significant aspect to and about John Kerry's character that is both overlooked by his supporters and allowed to linger by those whose stories prove Kerry's stories inaccurate. And that is, that, even Kerry's boatmates recognize that there is something about John Kerry's behavior that requires being "forgive(n) and for(gotten)," that inorder to 'moveon' you have to accept something and "forgive and forget" whatever it is. In which case, to most who object to and about John Kerry’s behavior — the Swift Boat Veterans among others — where his relationship with or in opposition to the United States military is concerned, the acts are unforgivable.

And so, the country is asked to “forgive and forget” that which should not be.

To the Kerry campaign and apologists, it’s a case of no apology, no regret, no-account persistence in false information, betrayals and acts that counter codes protected and defended by life itself, and about which many have already died.

To Kerry and apologists, it’s past and should be forgotten.

Except that it’s present politics and should be remembered.

Except it’s to be forgiven but accepted for something it wasn’t and is not.

Kerry could apologize to the nation and to the U.S. military and all those past and present that he betrayed, but worse, did so through false testimony — he could apologize and retract false statements and make true forgiveness possible. Or, he could just moveon in politics as usual, and it looks like he is.

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