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I’m no lawyer, but it sure seems to me that the “lawyers for the Democratic National Convention and Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign,” as quoted and described in this following article, aren’t making much sense other than they assume they can intimidate at will for — surprise — “political gain” to use one of Kerry’s and the DNC’s favorite expressions.

There are a lot of ads and even opinions, much less “entertainment” (Michael Moore and come to mind here) that many of the rest of us wouldn’t mind writing to “station managers” across the country, “demanding” that the media not broadcast to the public, but a lot of us aren’t “lawyers” and can’t throw “demands” around like ears of corn. At least, don’t, wouldn’t. Perhaps should start doing, if these “lawyers” on the DNC’s and Kerry’s behalf are to exemplify anything.

So, great, let’s all start sending out “demands” about the various “ads” that we regard as being offensive. Or, better yet, to the lawyers, “advising” them instead…I can think of several “demands” that can be made right here and now, on behalf of truth, justice and the American Way (that’s the cultural “American Way” and not the liberal organizational “American Way”).

Watching FOX earlier this evening, it was sad and exasperating to watch liberal Susan Estrich verbally aggress upon one of the guesting Swiftvets, Estrich pressing with every puff of heavy air to get the fellow to meet her noticable emotional upset — which the vet didn’t do, and instead remained steady, calm, consistent in his story. Liberals want the issue to not be about “past events” or even about “military records” but they sure can’t explain either of those two significant things as to Kerry’s character, and they do so enjoy and apparently foster nearly anyone in the public eye who’ll sing a tune, edit together random film footage and apply a smarmy voice over, opine over the airways about ‘bad America’ and whoever their Nemesis du jour is — and in these times, they’re focused on “conservatives” and of course, President Bush. And, following, various other groups and beliefs — the list is ever so long, about whom liberals want silenced, “removed” from public discourse. They “demand” it, after all: silence! Silence for everyone except for liberal Causes du jour.

Susan Estrich’s superheat earlier this evening on FOX in visible upset with and about the quiet and reliable visiting Vietnam Vet, exemplifies just how emotional and emotionally based is the liberal need, the need to supplant reality and the experiences of others. Much more so, “demand” that they be silenced:

BD21423_.gif First, the video that the DNC and Kerry and lawyers don’t want anyone to see:


BD21423_.gif Next, the stories that the DNC, Kerry and lawyers and, apparently, upset liberals from all over don’t want anyone to know:

Thursday, August 5, 2004
DNC, Kerry campaign warn of ‘libel’ by Vietnam colleagues

Posted: August 5, 2004 — 5:47 p.m. Eastern — 2004

Lawyers for the Democratic National Committee and Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign have faxed a letter to television station managers warning them not to broadcast an ad by Kerry’s Vietnam colleagues which asserts the candidate is lying about his service during the war.

The letter, posted by Human Events Online [Requires PDF viewer], tells the managers if they decide to air the ad they are “responsible for the false and libelous charges” made by the group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the new TV commercial is a montage of remarks from a number of veterans who accuse Kerry of misrepresenting his actions for medals and attack his character.

The letter is signed by Kerry-Edwards 2004 general counsel Marc Elias and Democratic National Committee general counsel Joseph Sandler.

The lawyers say the advertisement “contains statements by men who purport to have served on Senator Kerry’s SWIFT Boat in Vietnam and one statement by a man pretending to be the doctor who treated Senator Kerry for one of his injuries.”

“In fact,” the lawyers contend, “not a single one of the men who pretend to have served with Senator Kerry was actually a crewmate of Senator Kerry’s and the man pretending to be his doctor was not.”

“The entire advertisement, therefore,” the letter states, “is an inflammatory, outrageous lie.”

The vets in the ad, however, do not claim to have been members of Kerry’s crew but say they served with him in his unit or were in the Naval chain of command.

Some, including crew members on swift boats that went on missions with Kerry, say they were witnesses of events related to his medals.

The lawyers call Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth a “sham organization spearheaded by a Texas corporate media consultant.”

The swift-boats group, which says it has the support of more than 250 veterans, claims only one of 23 surviving commanders who served with Kerry believes he is fit to be commander in chief.

The “Band of Brothers” that has backed Kerry on the campaign trail is comprised of nine of the 10 crew members who served under him on two separate boats. The 10th crew member, Steve Gardner, a gunner’s mate, strongly backs the contentions of Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth.

The lawyer’s letter asserts the doctor, Louis Letson, “was not a crewmate of Senator Kerry’s and was not the doctor who actually signed Senator Kerry’s sick call sheet.”

Letson has never said he was a crewmate, and a Swift Boats spokesman pointed out sick call sheets usually are signed by an orderly, not the doctor.

In the ad, Letson is identified as “lieutenant commander, medical center.”

“I know John Kerry is lying about his first Purple Heart because I treated him for that injury,” Letson says before the camera.

The lawyers note Letson, according to news reports, “did not record his ‘memories’ of the incident until after Senator Kerry became a candidate for president in 2003.”

“The statements made by the phony ‘crewmates’ and ‘doctor’ who appear in the advertisement are also totally, demonstrably and unequivocally false, and libelous,” the lawyers contend.

“In particular, the advertisement charges that Senator Kerry ‘lied to get his Bronze Star,'” they write. “Just as falsely, it states that ‘he lied before the Senate.’ These are serious allegations of actual crimes — specifically of lying to the United States government in the conduct of its official business.”

The lawyers tell station managers they are not obligated to air the ad because Swift Boat Vets is not a federal candidate or candidate committee and therefore subject to FCC “use” rules.

“Moreover,” they say, “as a licensee, you have an overriding duty to protect this public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising.

“Under these circumstances, your station may not responsibly air this advertisement. We request that your station act immediately to prevent broadcasts of this advertisement and deny any future sale of time. Knowing that the advertisement is false, and possessing the legal authority to refuse to run it, your station should exercise that authority in the public interest.”

The lawyers conclude: “Please contact us promptly at either of the phone numbers below to advise us regarding the status of this advertisement.”

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Vet: Officers told Kerry to leave Vietnam

Colleagues couldn’t take John’s behavior, attitudes anymore
Posted: May 14, 2004, 1:00 a.m. Eastern — 2004

Sen. John Kerry was told to leave Vietnam by three colleagues upset with his behavior and attitudes, according to a fellow swift-boat officer during the war.

Thomas Wright says the misbehavior of the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate got to the point where he no longer wanted him in his boat group. So, at Wright’s request, his divisional commander assigned Kerry to another group.

Then Wright and like-minded boat officers took matters into their own hands, according to John B. Dwyer, a Vietnam veteran and military historian writing in the online magazine American Thinker.

“When he got his third Purple Heart, three of us told him to leave,” Wright said, according to Dwyer. “We knew how the system worked and we didn’t want him in Coastal Division 11.

“Kerry didn’t manipulate the system,” he continued, “we did.”

Wright, who at times was officer-in-charge over Kerry, said he had occasion to observe Kerry’s behavior and attitudes, and the circumstances surrounding his early departure from the war zone.

Wright noted Kerry’s chosen moniker for radio communications between the boats was “Boston Strangler.”

The officer said he and most other swift-boat officers had two commandments:
1. Protect the crews.
2. Win.

But working with “Boston Strangler” became problematical, he said, according to Dwyer.

“I had a lot of trouble getting him to follow orders,” Wright recalled. “He had a different view of leadership and operations. Those of us with direct experience working with Kerry found him difficult and oriented toward his personal, rather than unit goals and objectives.”

Wright said he “believed that overall responsibility rested squarely on the shoulders of the OIC or OTC [Officer-in-Tactical Command] in a free-fire zone. You had to be right [before opening fire].”

However, he continued, “Kerry seemed to believe there were no rules in a free-fire zone, and you were supposed to kill anyone. I didn’t see it that way.”

The rules were vital, Wright emphasized, because it was important the enemy “understood that swift boats were a competent, effective force that could dominate his location.”

“You couldn’t achieve that by indiscriminate use of weapons in free-fire zones,” he said.

Wright referred to the three Purple Hearts awarded to Kerry, which allowed him to leave Vietnam for the U.S.

“No one wanted a Purple Heart because it meant we had made a mistake,” he said. “We made sure our crews were recognized, but no one took pride in a Purple Heart.”

More than a dozen of Kerry’s superior officers and colleagues during the war held a press conference May 4 in Washington to tell Americans the senator is unfit to be commander-in-chief of the United States.

Retired Rear Adm. Roy Hoffman, who headed Coastal Division 11, said Kerry was seen by colleagues as a self-serving, “loose cannon” who came only to launch a political career.

Hoffman said Kerry “arrived in country with a strong anti-Vietnam War bias and a self-serving determination to build a foundation for his political future.”

“He was aggressive, but vain and prone to impulsive judgment, often with disregard to specific tactical assignments,” Hoffman said. “He was a loose cannon.”

Hoffman and his colleagues with the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are among more than 200 veterans who have signed a letter asking Kerry to authorize the Department of the Navy to release all of his military records, including health documents.

BD21423_.gif Related story:

Slaughters Animals, Burns Down Tiny Village


A veterans group seeking to deeply discredit Democrat John Kerry’s military service will charge in the new bombshell book UNFIT FOR COMMAND:

“Kerry earned his Silver Star by killing a lone, fleeing, teenage Viet Cong in a loincloth.”

“And if Kerry’s superiors had known the truth at the time, they would never have recommended him for the medal.”

The book also claims to detail how Kerry personally ordered the slaughter of small animals at a small hamlet along the Song Bo De River.


Aug 5, 3:55 PM (ET)

Thu Aug 05 2004 17:10:20 ET

“Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has more than 250 members, many of whom were wounded or highly decorated in Vietnam.

We purchased with our blood and service the right to be heard, to set the record straight about our unit, and to tell the truth about John Kerry’s military service record.

We respect Senator McCain’s right to express his opinion and we hope he extends to us the same respect and courtesy, particularly since we served with John Kerry, we knew him well and Senator McCain did not.”

(from) Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann (ret.), Founder and Chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

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  1. justaguy says:

    It gets better! -justaguy

  2. -S- says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty ugly — for Kerry:“…DRUDGE learns from UNFIT FOR COMMAND that if Kerry’s superior officers knew the truth, they would never have recommended the award:

    “Admiral Roy Hoffmann, who sent a Bravo Zulu (meaning “good work”), to Kerry upon learning of the incident, was very surprised to discover in 2004 what had actually occurred. Hoffmann had been told that Kerry had spontaneously beached next to the bunker and almost single-handedly routed a bunkered force in Viet Cong. He was shocked to find out that Kerry had beached his boat second in a preplanned operation, and that he had killed a single, wounded teenage foe as he fled.”

    “Commander Geoge Elliott, who wrote up the initial draft of Kerry’s Silver Star citation, confirms that neither he, nor anyone else in the Silver Star process that he knows, realized before 1996 that Kerry was facing a single, wounded young Viet Cong fleeing in a loincloth. While Commander Elliott and many other Swiftees believe that Kerry committed no crime in killing the fleeing, wounded enemy (with a loaded or empty launcher), others feel differently. Commander Elliott indicates that a Silver Star recommendation would not have been made by him had he been aware of the actual facts.”

    Having known people who have served in the military, and some of whom have survived truly horrible combat situations (and some who haven’t survived, but who were there), the fact that Kerry has three Purple Hearts — ANY citations for heroism — for the actual experiences he was a part of, and which were his alone, is really insulting to others. Really, really insulting.

    The parts about him gunning down small domestic animals with military weapons and going around setting fire to an entire peasant village with his Zippo lighter and shooting that teenager in a loincloth, running away, shooting him IN THE BACK is too much for me. Something about the stupidity and ugliness of these actions, the supreme lack of honor involved, baseless, wantonly cruel acts all…now he’s running for “President” and I want to ask, is this THE ONLY GUY that the Dems could come up with?! I mean, HIM?!? And, if so, why? In God’s name, why?

  3. justaguy says:



    “I personally didn’t see personal atrocities in the sense I saw somebody cut a head off or something like that. However, I did take part in free-fire zones, I did take part in harassment and interdiction fire, I did take part in search-and-destroy missions in which the houses of noncombatants were burned to the ground. And all of these acts, I find out later on, are contrary to the Hague and Geneva conventions and to the laws of warfare. So in that sense, anybody who took part in those, if you carry out the application of the Nuremberg Principles, is in fact guilty.” — John Kerry, The Dick Cavett Show” in July 1971

  4. -S- says:

    Article by Lisa Myers…I agree with that concluding paragraph, wherein it says that “…voters say what they like least about Kerry is him

  5. -S- says:

    Yeah, I agree as to your comments about Bush.

    This photo (link) wasn’t even distributed by the wire services. I saw it on a random blog a few months ago, and saved a copy, but, the point here is that it’s a very wonderful photo and rather than circulate it through the wire services, they ignored it. The photo wasn’t “disturbed” enough about George Bush, apparently…I mean, it’s a truly remarkable and honest “snap shot” of George Bush, not posed, not rehearsed, not staged, just a photo capture of a man who reached out and hugged a girl who’d lost a parent during 09/11, and the wire services didn’t even pick it up.

  6. -S- says:

    Yeah, those Affidavits are something, aren’t they?

    I’m still puzzled why the Kerry Campaign and DNC counsels even assumed they could manipulate “station managers” nationwide into not running the Swiftvets’ ad, other than perhaps they’re accustomed to making people shut up and sing by threat and intimidation. Strong arm tactics…seems to indicate just what type of “government” Kerry/Edwards/DNC have in mind: shut up or we’ll sue.

    Notice that they even contested that which didn’t exist! As in, THEY made the false allegations in their very letter (to station managers), by saying the Swiftvets were saying/representing that which they weren’t and aren’t (and thus the AFfidavits as their appropriate response).

    This is one of those things where the “attorneys” look stupid, as in, very stupid, or else, very crude.

  7. -S- says:

    Sorry, bad link in my earlier comments (your version was fine, when cut’n’pasted into a browser, but it breaks when I include it as a direct link…I’m going to go add it to the site here!).

  8. justaguy says:

    That reporter was supposed to do a campaign book for Kerry!!!!!!!!!

  9. -S- says:

    Yeah, I was just reading about that (^^) story…more about it in Wizbang, with more. Crooked guys.