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The newly created “Strengthen The Good” network has identified it’s first charity and as a member of the network, I’m devoting this thread to promoting that charity, as follows:

“…The Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice (Florida), which is matching all donations to its Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund up to $100,000…it?s local to the relief area, and (there is a) matching grant” (that applies to whatever is raised through the Strengthen The Good network).

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, Florida publishes an informative website.

Venice, Florida is situated just North of the highly publicized area of Port Charlotte, Florida on Florida’s West Coast.

I looked over a few other sites from Venice, Florida that I wouldn’t recommend because the sites — located through a simple Google search — provide a bad impression of the area and the issue here isn’t whose politics are what, but who is in need and how the rest of us can help with that need. I did a Google search before sharing this charity information because, although I’m relatively familiar with Florida, I have no first-hand experiences to share about Venice, Florida (never been there, don’t know anyone from there).

But, it’s not reliable to try to draw conclusions about an area’s need in light of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Charley based upon a few quite obviously “liberal, political” sites, as per Google’s results. So, best to focus on “strengthening the good.” The Foundation’s site appears to be doing just that.

Read more about the issue from Strengthen The Good.

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