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Up until recently, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, their ads, the book (“Unfit to Command“) and a few persistent conversations in the public blogosphere, the issue about Kerry’s “military service” and the Swiftvets’ ads has been dissed by Demos everywhere as being “a non-issue” among other petulent absurdities.

As in — if you fall victim to the liberal mindset about this issue — it hasn’t mattered that there’s a liklihood that John Kerry made up his past, present or might do so about his future (as a legislator, that’s a dangerous thing), it just matters that John Kerry is the Democrat candidate for the Presidency. (Worse, many among Democrats don’t care for Kerry themselves, from what I’ve read, but he’s not President George Bush so that seems to be alright with them — as in, they don’t like their candidate but they don’t like President Bush, either, so they’re voting for a candidate they don’t like because they don’t like Bush, or close to that.)

So, as of yesterday, we see and read the mainstream media starting to cover this issue but, in fact, they are covering the defense: he…did…NOT…have…self-inflicted…wounds…with…that…riverbed…

That is, if you get your news from the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, CBS, Chris Matthews, MSNBC and related and the Kerry website (available for use is if necessary).

By last Thursday, various Kerry campaign spokespeople on news sources appeared, dissing conservatives’ “conspiracy theories” — Mr. Tad Devine, Senior Advisor to Kerry campaign, during his appearance Thursday, 08/19/04, on FOX News, when asked about the countless “anti-Bush” advertising by, as one among many examples of that, Devine retorted with a very ugly look in his eyes, that such a suggestion was “about conspiracy theories” from, as per his tone of voice and facial delivery, ‘crazy’ Republicans.

Today, we hear that, in fact, Demos, the Kerry campaigners and apologists are now saying that there IS a “conspiracy theory,” and that it’s among REPUBLICANS! That the Swiftvets are a part of a CONSPIRACY among Bush supporters, Republicans and campaign.

I wonder how many Democrats have provided money to, who have also and are also campaigning for John Kerry? I wonder how many Democrats have been involved in the varioius ads that have maligned and attacked President George Bush have also volunteered, much less accepted paid positions, with and from the Kerry campaign? Have paid for services for those groups that trounce and denounce Bush? I hardly think that you’d find any Democrat who has NOT so comingled with all of those, much less a few who have.

And the “mainstream media” NOW gets involved in this story, the very same issue that they’ve been sending to the bottom drawer for weeks…months…years, even.

Let’s see…the “conspiracy” goes, by the Kerry campaign and Kerry apologists, that because someone who has donated money in the past to George Bush, candidate in previous elections, and has also donated money to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, that THAT means that…here it comes…there’s A CONSPIRACY AMONG REPUBLICANS to smear Kerry. That because one of the members of the Swiftvets group wrote crude comment on an internet forum about various other people — despite his ironic perspective, his use of irony involved — that that means that everything he has to say is not credible! God knows that no Democrat has ever, not ever, written anything caustic or even pejorative anywhere on the internet about anyone else! And later gone on television or to the press worldwide with an anti-President Bush message! Oh, no Democrat would ever, just never, do that! I mean, maybe John Kerry himself has, but that’s ALL! No one ELSE has!!

So, back to the Earth here, Kerry “calls on Bush” to denounce the Swiftvets’ ads, any related, but he doesn’t provide answers to the American people about his own record, straighten up his own irregularities about his past. Even about his last month, as the record continues tonight.

Kerry telephones several of the surviving veterans from Vietnam and “asks” them to come forward with stories that support John Kerry’s story from those times, but it’s not clear if because they were not there that what they come forward with will impact Kerry’s stories, because Kerry has attempted to diss the Swiftvets’ stories based upon the fact that, as per Kerry and Kerry apologists, the Swiftvets “weren’t on the boat with Kerry”.

Nothing, however, about the others from Kerry’s boat who don’t agree with or support Kerry’s stories from that very boat…other than that Kerry originally claimed that they supported him but most of them later complained that they didn’t, so Kerry had to stop saying that, and…

And…and NOW the mainstream media and even John Edwards (“I defend John Kerry’s military record” and, [I paraphrase], “it’s all Bush’s fault”) are speaking out. But they aren’t providing any new information, any proof of Kerry’s stories, any defense or apology for Kerry’s insulting and even damaging, threatening behavior that cost the very lives of American personnel during and after the Vietnam War.

As for John Edwards, he was not in Vietnam, didn’t serve with John Kerry, didn’t serve in Vietnam, wasn’t on any boat in Vietnam, but he sure thinks he knows what’s right and what isn’t. Um, Jawn, tell me again about that tasty lunch at Wendy’s. You really enjoyed that lunch, now, didn’t you?

I swear, I SWEAR this sort of urgency and negation about everyone, about anyone, just anything that counters John Kerry’s reality about his past (and about what else, because that’s the issue here, what else has and will John Kerry simply make up or exaggerate to the point of convenience and a useful tool from daily events, particularly about matters related to the U.S. military and national security), this sort of urgency and palpable aggression by Kerry and Kerry apologists appears as a brutish assault (remember those threats — err, letters — by the DNC lawyers to station managers?) by a man with a past, when later found out to have a past.

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