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[ED. NOTE: LATER DOMAIN HOST CHANGE…THIS PAGE WILL RETURN IN DECEMBER 2004 BUT HAS BEEN REMOVED NOVEMBER 2004]—>>>Here is one dedicated page that displays the logo/image file sizes along with the Blogroll Code for to display the RNC 2004 Convention Bloggers on your site.

Copy and save [PAGE TO RETURN 12/04] whatever image size you want and host it on your own service.

The Blogroll Code was created by Wizbang! and can be found there, or, also, The Blogroll Code is displayed at the bottom of the [PAGE WILL RETURN 12/04] image page display.

The blogger-version logos were created by me — the first two versions, however, are simple incorporations of the existing RNC 2004 Convention logo, that was created by the RNC for that purpose (I added on the extras to adapt those versions to this Blogroll) — while the third version (one you see displayed on this site, left-hand column) is my own design, and is far less pixel intensive at the larger file sizes, so easier to display for most.




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