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  1. justaguy says:

    Ole Kerry…lying again.

    Controversy erupts over Kerry’s Yucca votes

    Associated Press
    July 28, 2004

    LAS VEGAS – As Democrats signaled strong opposition to a plan to bury the nation’s nuclear waste in Southern Nevada, the state’s Republicans criticized Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday as being disingenuous about his voting record on Yucca Mountain.

    Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., issued a list of seven “pro-Yucca” votes that he said Kerry has taken since 1987, including one on a bill that included an infamous “Screw Nevada” provision limiting studies for a potential dump site to Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. The provision was part of a massive $17.6 billion budget package.

    “The people of Nevada have been led to believe that John Kerry is some sort of savior in our battle against the Yucca Mountain project,” Ensign said. “Kerry’s voting record shows just the opposite.”

    Besides the so-called “Screw Nevada” amendment, Kerry voted in 1997 to table an amendment that would have required gubernatorial approval before any nuclear waste could be transported through a state, Ensign said.

    “John Kerry is trying to take the moral high ground, and he cannot occupy that moral high ground because of his record,” Ensign said.

    Democrats in the state, including Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Shelley Berkley, have cited the Massachusetts senator’s record of voting against the plan to bury 77,000 tons of highly radioactive waste at a site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

    On Tuesday, the party adopted a national platform that included a plank opposing Yucca Mountain, the strongest statement made by either party against the project. Kerry, who is set to be nominated as his party’s presidential candidate, also visited Nevada earlier this year and pledged Yucca Mountain will not be a repository if he wins in November.

    Sean Smith, spokesman for the Kerry campaign in Nevada, said Republicans were “grasping at straws” and dismissed the votes as procedural.

    “They are very afraid that this issue is going to cost them the state of Nevada and quite possibly the presidency, that they would resort to cherry-picking through a 16-year record of opposition,” Smith said.

    Democrats have trumpeted Kerry’s votes against the project in 2000 and 2002, while pointing out that President Bush authorized the plan despite saying during his presidential campaign that he would use “sound science” to evaluate the project.

    “They’re dead wrong on this issue. They need to attack their own president and get him to change his position,” Berkley said. “They have no standing to attack Kerry when their president has deliberately misled the people of Nevada just to get our vote in 2000.”

  2. justaguy says:

    Check out the new victory ad…well done…should be played a lot during this time. –justaguy

  3. justaguy says:

    The Boston Fog Rolls Over Kerry’s Position on Yucca Mountain

    The Boston Fog Report
    An ongoing examination of John Kerry

  4. justaguy says:

    I was watching “Straw Dogs” tonight on the tube…and was wondering…as to what happened to Susan George. So, I did a little research and found out that she’s selling “Naturally Equine Therapeutic Treatments.” Interesting. -justaguy

  5. -S- says:

    Wow, the PRODUCTS that are offered on Susan George’s site are fabulous (“The Salve” and that handwash, actually, that entire page of things)…

    One of my brothers owns Arabians, but they’re saddle-use horses (he rode one successfully in that cross-country race through the mountains…can’t think of the name of it but it’s a world-famous horse-and-rider fitness competition). Apparently, the Arabian my brother rode could outperform the Quarter Horses in fitness and agility.

    Susan George’s Georgian Arabians is a wonderful site, too…excellent life she and her husband have!

  6. -S- says:

    Thanks for sharing that information about Kerry’s preposterously contorted sense of service as to Nevada, Yucca Mountain, the nation’s nuclear storage dilemma and the nation itself…don’t you get the impression that Kerry’s been in the Senate for all these years, just really, really trying to do whatever he could to do harm?

    I mean, voting to “Screw Nevada” — among other similar measures you’ve mentioned — and also voting to reduce funds for the Yucca Mountain facility seems like not focused on solutions.

    “Kerry Supported The Worst Bill In The History Of The Yucca Mountain Fight.” (Jon Ralston, “It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word ‘Pristine’ Is:” Ralston Report, 7/27/04)

    “…Kerry Voted For ‘Screw Nevada’ Bill, Which Was Added To Larger Budget Reconciliation Bill And Signed Into Law…”

    Kerry should have done better to destroy all history of his “work” in the Senate before launching his Campaign. The DNC should have selected someone else for the Campaign, but it seems to have come down to the people with the big bucks and that’s THK and husband. Despite the ludicrous nature of their behaviors over their lifetimes. I was reading more about the various higher profile “environmental” groups that THK provides funding for and most of their “newsletters” they’ve sent to me and they all are primarily “get Bush” campaigns and, oh, yeah, “think about tree frogs!”

    I realize I exaggerate but only a tad because all the “activism” newsletters they send to me, when compared with legislation and actual statements made by citizens and legislators, etc. about specific issues, when you make the careful comparisons, the “activism” environmental newsletters resemble please written by indymedia.

    I thought the same thing when hearing Kennedy, Jr. on FOX (Hannity & Colmes) a few weeks ago — Kennedy appeared pscyhologically impaired in his various arguments, at least emotionally impaired. Either way, it’s people like that who use environmental preservation issues to denigrate others that actually harm environmental awareness more. Same as to Kerry, his wife.

  7. -S- says:

    LOL is right! When she gets it right, she gets it very, very right — the REAL story at this moment is why the “press” is working quite so hard to suppress coverage, even prevent including, the message by the Swiftees (although, I realize, that’s the tip of the Iceberg, the Iceberg being Kerry’s incredible lack of credibility in the present).

    I wrote earlier that the Edwards and Kerry “Smilin’ Faces” was a sure giveaway as to who they were, what they foreboded, and I’m thinking this morning that I was surely right about that — sure giveaway there’s an unfriendly plan under the surface, ’cause all those “Smilin’ Faces” are inappropriate to reality — anyone persisting in such an abnormal “Smilin’ Face” is performing; shame that some people can’t seem to look at the persons behind the Masks.

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    “Two hundred fifty-four Swift Boat Veterans have signed a letter saying John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief, a point developed in some detail in the blockbuster new book by John O’Neill, aptly titled ‘Unfit for Command.’ At the 2003 reunion of Swift Boat Veterans, about 300 men showed up: 85 percent of them think Kerry is unfit to be president. (On the bright side, Kerry was voted, in absentia, ‘Most Likely to Run for President on His Phony War Record.’) Fewer than 10 percent of all Swift Boat Veterans contacted refused to sign the letter.

    “Kerry was in Vietnam for only four months, which, coincidentally, is less than the combined airtime he’s spent talking about it. It takes a special kind of person to get that many people to hate your guts in so little time. The last time this many people hated one person after only four months was when Margaret Cho had her own sitcom.

    “But our young Eddie Haskell managed to annoy other servicemen even before he came home and called them war criminals. About 60 eyewitnesses to Kerry’s service are cited in the book, describing Kerry fleeing comrades who were under attack, disregarding orders, putting others in danger, sucking up to his commanders, creating phony film footage of his exploits with a home-movie camera, and recommending himself for medals and Purple Hearts in vainglorious reports he wrote himself. (This was apparently before the concept of ‘fragging’ put limits on such behavior.)

    After three months of combat, Kerry had collected enough film footage for his political campaigns, so he went home. He even shot three different endings to the episode where he chases down a VC guy after test audiences thought Kerry shooting a wounded teenager in the back was too much of a ‘downer.’ After filming his last staged exploit, Kerry reportedly told a buddy, ‘That’s a wrap. See you at the convention in about 35 years.’

    “Kerry is demanding to be made president on the basis of spending four months in Vietnam 35 years ago. And yet the men who know what he did during those four months don’t think he’s fit to be dogcatcher. That seems newsworthy to me, but I must be wrong since the media have engineered a total blackout of the Swift Boat Veterans.

    “In May, the Swiftees held a spellbinding press conference in Washington, D.C. In front of a photo being used by the Kerry campaign to tout Kerry’s war service, the officers stood up, one by one, pointed to their own faces in the campaign photo, and announced that they believed Kerry unfit for command. Only one officer in the photo supports Kerry for president. Seventeen say he is not fit to be president…”

  8. -S- says:

    Yeah, agreed, Posted on Fri, Aug. 13, 2004

    Amazing what happens when people can hear the full story about Kerry. Unfortunately, not all of America (or the world) uses the Internet and/or buys books, so, it’s easy to see why Kerry/Edwards/theDNC are working so aggressively to prevent the Swiftees’ stories from getting on the airways and printed press. More examples of that vast fortune of THK and Soros at work, much less the attorney’s groups for their guys, Kerry/Edwards. I’d say that this experience is a good example of the “privilege” of access to the courts being used for and by the “privileged” to aggress upon others. Seems antiquated, more or less like some threat of invasion by a few fellows wearing crowns and waving twenty floating gallions across a Continent.

    I just bought the book (“Unfit to Command”), looking forward to finishing reading it. Haven’t seen the Swiftees’ ad on any CA broadcast, however, other than what FOX managed to include a while ago when it first broke (but it’s pretty well disappeared from the airways here).

    For anyone else, there’s an online access to the Swiftee’s ad at their site, here:

  9. -S- says:

    Yes, that new “Freedom” Ad is great, just great.

    The biggest handicap I find for Bush/Cheney is that they haven’t gotten their message out as clearly as they might have (but still can), about (1.) the taxcuts (that have benefitted everyone, the rich and the poor alike and actually provided many among the poor to now pay NO taxes) (2.) war on terror — needs to be refined in message and exactness as to who and what it is we fight for and against and why (3.) WMD issue needs to be debunked in a very effective and consistent message to those who continue to denounce Bush as having “lied about WMD” — I noticed from the last nasty ads (ones they have planned to air during the RNC Convention) that most people continue to rely on this taunt and false pretense to denigrate George Bush and most conservatives (that “Bush lied about the WMD”).

    If those points can be honed down into succinct and effectively accurate statements by the RNC/anyone supporting Bush, the Demos literally have nothing left as to argument.

    Except the health care issue. Which I now see I should have included in the list above, along with the “environmental” issues…

    Lotta work to do. The RNC hasn’t been really clear about these areas to the general public, or, if clear, the general public is instead being led astray to the contrary of truth by the liberal rant media. The Left continues to capitalize and manipulate people’s fears and force feed a dishonest perception of our country…no amazement that Kerry would be the head of that, nor Edwards even.

  10. justaguy says:

    Too bad the Arabs don’t understand our “free speech” system…libel..slander, etc.

    ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Provokes Arab Reactions

    “In Cairo, 28-year-old Noha Sayed Al-Ahl, who runs an arts and culture advocacy group, did not find the film tendentious.

    Moore “used real footage and facts to support his point of view and used as much proof as possible to back up his claims. If he hadn’t, somebody would have taken him to court,” she said. “He really cares about America and the foreign policies of America and is brave enough to speak his mind and interpret events in an alternative way.””

  11. justaguy says:

    LOL…perhaps it will keep P Diddy’s ego in check.

  12. -S- says:

    At this point, Michael Moore and his “film” remind me all too well of just how enthused a type of human personality was for a while about, say, The Sex Pistols, right up until Sid Viscious died of, what was it, a heroin overdose…same with Jim Morrison.

    Not to disparage the talent of Jim Morrison, however, by attempting any correlation between him and Michael Moore, but that, people who find Moore’s “film” (I use quotes because I don’t think ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ should be considered in the same breath or context as theatricals and documentaries — because it’s neither — anyway, people who are captivated and misled by what Moore has offered on screens all appear to share this insistence on rottenness, or…let me think here…an insistence and readiness to believe without question that something irrational makes sense.

    Moore is an irrational person and offers irrational statements. Even watching him on O’Reilly — wherein O’Reilly was deemed to have failed even by O’Reilly fans in O’Reilly’s “interview” with Moore, such as it was — even watching Moore in that context, he segued at every question that would require him to respond with lucidity, Moore responded with a segue into the ploy of relying on human sympathy.

    Meaning, when asked pointed questions, Moore instead responded by drinking water and pausing and then bursting forth with, “would you send YOUR son or daughter to DIE?!” and, “I want you to LIIIVE” to O’Reilly.

    Well, fine, but that wasn’t a logical response or even a response to O’Reilly asking Moore to explain what he’s done (via his footage, and ongoing media use). Moore relies on getting people to foam or otherwise become upset over a threat of survival and then makes concessions for lack of any reality in his displays because it’s based on the emotionalism of that other, primal issue: remaining alive, yourself or your children.

    So, because of that method, Moore more or less appears to have hypnotised people into accepting anything and everything he can string together as acceptable, even linear in statement (arriving at a Theme, a Message in his process), based upon the primal concern that people “might” lose their lives or their children “might” die — no one wants that, so the assumption seems to be, “believe me and LIIIIVE” from Moore. And people fall easy victim to his nonsense.

    Nonsense, however, is too hapless a word to apply to Moore because he’s not a hapless person, but someone without conscience. I really believe that he is, that he has no conscience and behaves accordingly, an anti-social personality run amok in the world completely without guilt or remorse or even question as to what he is doing, and even considering himself grand or important because he’s garnered attention (I’d call it the “I’m on screen, I’m on screen” level of self importance, “I make sense because I’m on screen!”).

    Reading those comments from that article is like reading people on the DU boards or even the Kerry Blog. It’s the same lack of sense, like lemmings to the sea. I’ll never understand why some people in humanity are quite so gullible, so easily beguiled and misled as are those who find Michael Moore a credible author.

  13. -S- says:

    Forgot to activate the link to the article, previous comments (^^).

    Article, “‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Provokes Arab Reactions”.

  14. -S- says:

    Rapping P Diddy Booed Off Stage

    It’s sad to see how out of touch a lot of the “Left” performers are with humanity, isn’t it? They’re always shocked and horrified and claim persecution when they are forced to realize, by audience responses that they hadn’t anticipated, that they aren’t always Praiseworthy.

    What’s sad is their disconnect. I suppose being a performer today and maintaining success relies on being very much a specialist in your form, genre, personna, but it’s always sad to see specialists unable to recognize the need to diversify, to change.

    Curious what that Ibiza audience expected from sitting before P.Diddy, however. Maybe a Hand Shadow Puppet show? HA!