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John Kerry Burns Down America

Picture 758.gif “John Kerry Confesses to War Crimes”.

Picture 758.gif There is no statute of limitations for war atrocities.

BD21423_.gif What’s charted this hour on BLOGDEX as popular reading…

(For those unfamiliar, BLOGDEX provides a daily “popularity” listing of what sites and articles on what sites are being linked to most often by other sites, creating a “popularity” index of what’s being most linked to on the Internet; however, it does not, necessarily, also thereby mean that a lot of links equates with truth or even sense, it just means that there are a lot of links to any one target — which process is often used by socio-political movements to create a false appearance of public acceptance: “a lot of links” made to appear as being equivalent with “a lot of popular support,” which is erroneous reasoning but effective for those to whom appearances mean everything)…

BD21423_.gif What’s charted this hour is a site — “thismodernworld” — and page on that site — “George W. Bush sucker-punches a rugby opponent at Yale” — followed by liberal, Liberal details with layers of innuendo about points about character with enough barbs to fill in any details so inexact as to be the puff of the heavy breather you want to get away from fast at the neighbor’s barbeque, the one who leans in on you to start up about what they…saw through the blinds on the other side of the street but don’t want to be identified as telling you but it’s true about the other neighbors and, puff, puff, they also heard in the market just the other day that what they saw through the blinds was also accompanied by a new car in the neighbors driveway and, puff, puff, that new car just may not be the one that they said they could afford and you KNOW what that means, and, oh, yeah, puff, puff…and you’re lucky to get away with your bank account number and birth certificate intact in the privacy of your wallet but you make a mental note to never invite that particular puffer to your place without a lot of observance by those you trust, particularly remembering to check that your hat covers enough of your head so as to avoid the puffery of blasting nonsense to your head that wilts the kindest flower in anyone’s yard, anywhere.

BD21423_.gif Puffery takes many forms, but, you’d think that the method of gossip that relies on creating false impressions about others, for someone else’s sense of privilege and upwardly-mobile-social-positioning, would be swept away from any person who has a modicum of self respect, but, no, this modern day, we read and hear the ongoing puffery that never actually MAKES any point other than it MAKES no point beyond the puff of ridicule.

If you engage in it, you’re part of the problem. If you counter and expose it, you’re part of the solution.

But — nothing new here — the internet has it’s corners and hangouts wherein gossip rules the territory, and the threats that fall upon anyone defying those territories is further ridicule. Much like neighborhood gangs and the neighborhood gossips, the internet gossips’ gang go for the same sort of social “punishment” and reprimand on and about anyone who dares to walk away, or worse, counter the gossip, the gangs, the puffery.

So, reading “thismodernworld”‘s piece about “George W. Bush sucker-punch(ing) a rugby opponent at Yale” earlier this morning, I marvelled at the evil wind that that puffery ignores as an instead:

Picture 758.gif According to Unfit for Command:

BD21423_.gif “All three of John Kerry’s Purple Hearts were for minor injuries, easily treated with band-aids not requiring a single hour of hospitalization

BD21423_.gif “Two of Kerry’s three Purple Heart decorations resulted from self-inflicted wounds, not suffered under enemy fire

BD21423_.gif “John Kerry’s third Purple Heart “fanny wound” was the highlight of his much touted “no man left behind” Bronze Star

BD21423_.gif “Kerry turned the tragic death of a father and small child in a Vietnamese fishing boat into and act of “heroism” by filing a false report on the incident

BD21423_.gif “Captured Americans were tortured in North Vietnamese prisons for not endorsing John Kerry’s false testimony — before the United States Senate — about alleged American war crimes.

BD21423_.gif “John Kerry’s photograph hangs in a place of honor in the Vietnamese Communist “War Remnants Museum” in Ho Chi Minh City

BD21423_.gif “Kerry entered an abandoned Vietnamese village, slaughtered the domestic animals owned by the civilians, and burned down their homes with his Zippo lighter

BD21423_.gif “John Kerry’s reckless behavior convinced his colleagues that he had to go — becoming the only Swift Boat veteran to serve only four months in Vietnam
BD21423_.gif “As a leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerry attended a meeting where plans were discussed to assassinate prominent United States senators who supported the war

BD21423_.gif “Kerry met secretly with Communist delegates at the Paris Peace Conference during the Vietnam War and, some believe, violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice and federal law…”

BD21423_.gif …NYT…

BD21423_.gif …CBS…

BD21423_.gif …ABC…

ALSO, this morning, from ABC’S THE NOTE, August 11, 2004, these “journalists” do their darndest to rival the puffery of pufferies, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The barbs and barbarism of the sarcastic irreverancy that “ABC’S POLITICAL UNIT” has descended to in these modern times is astounding. I read this site page, also earlier this morning, and could swear that I heard the buzzing from outside the neighbor’s window, about that new car that they couldn’t afford but that was there anyway, and, puff, puff, another thing…

Call me Tone Sensitive, but if there’s one thing that I find worthy of exposure and actual discussion, it is puffery posing as journalism, it is gossip posing as news.

ABC’s THE NOTE writes this in their August 11, 2004 page, “Winner Take All”:

“Today, The Note gets all serious…” (…puff, puff…)

“And/but the reality is — as amazing as this seems — this is now John Kerry’s contest to lose. ” (…puff, puff…)

“…Forget the fact that that we still can’t find a single American who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who is planning to vote for George Bush in 2004. (If you are that elusive figure, e-mail us and tell us who you are and why: (…puff, puff, puff, puffity-puff…)

“…And there is also the now daily using of Drudge (and Fox and the New York Post ) to try to juice the news cycle with various blasts-from-the-past-into-the-present about John and Teresa Heinz Kerry that we find so transparently desperate that it makes us feel more indignity than that which wells up when John McCain and John Weaver share a booth at Clyde’s and reminisce about 2000…” (…Okeydokey, then, goodbye, now, goodbye, byebyenow, byebye…)

Picture 758.gif As an aside, since I’m someone who had a (very) brief lapse as a registered Republican and switched party-registration very briefly in 2000 (story shared earlier but I’ll also share it again in the days ahead, since it is an act I am incredibly regretful of) and as someone who then returned to the Republican Party and plans — is resolute in this intent — to vote for President George Bush in 2004, and since I’ve yet to hear ABC’s POLITICAL UNIT come a knockin’ at my door, at least they are being, well, factual when they write that they “…still can’t find a single American who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who is planning to vote for George Bush in 2004…”, but, since I’ve already sent them an e-mail to that address they publish (, identified myself as just such a person, and unless my e-mail sent to that published address of theirs is also something that ABC’s POLITICAL UNIT “can’t find,” then they can’t continue to puff away about that point.

About the other points, regardless of how much water anyone throws on the fire, it will continue to puff and puff and puff away, until it burns itself out. Otherwise, the neighborhood will just have to take other measures.

BD21423_.gif Such is the story of the Fire That Burned Down America, or, rather, is trying to.

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