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I guess I figure, that, since John Kerry and Democrats persist in refusal to acknowledge the feelings of — and facts by — anyone else, then why not stop taking John Kerry and Democrats seriously. Obviously, they are trolling for a fist fight, but then, what else is new? Today was a comedy of tragic, hapless charades and theatricals by Democrats nationwide. Truly a national shame.

I lost my operating system about five A.M. this morning and only managed to recreate, rebuild and relaunch a functional system by about nine P.M. earlier, but there are still problems here.

I wondered throughout the day, while plodding along with program after program, driver after driver, lost document after saved document on and several dozen CDs all over my desk, if anyone else experienced a sudden onset of irregularities in their hardware and software. Just coincidental, I’d suggest, if it wasn’t so, well, coincidental to the day. As in, “internet? WHAT internet?”

It’s been a long day and I didn’t have the heart to go for more intense content in this last hour of mine before I fall to sleep, so, allow me the nonsense of Photoshop that I share tonight…

See original by Associated Press, here.


I watched most of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” from a day or so ago, the one with John Kerry guesting there, and my only comments about that and the man are that Kerry devoted a real focus and continued effort to twirling around his wedding ring on his left hand while he spoke. The gesture is known to be the body language of a person who questions his (or her) marriage relationship.

What I interpreted about that gesture by Kerry, that appearance, is that Kerry’s in some fidelity bind and is indicating conflict about it, certainly stress about the relationship, in whatever context of that relationship.

Because, Stewart tried the “I’m not really joking with you about joking with you about your past but I’ll pretend to be joking with you about it anyway” tactic with Kerry and it didn’t work, because there wasn’t so much of a light or frivolous murmur from Kerry, but some sort of scary, stony severity in posture, tone and expression, despite what he did and didn’t say. Coupled with that wedding ring twisting that went on for most of his visit on the Stewart show, I’m thinking that Kerry’s indicating some crises or another…maybe it’s public exposure, don’t know, other than the gesture means what it means and Kerry’s displaying it.

Neither he nor Stewart were very entertaining, and for Stewart, that was a surprise. Then I started watching a video replay (thanks to the link — rtsp:// — to that video that is still available through C-SPAN, provided by a visitor in yesterday’s comments) of the Kerry appearance with John O’Neill in 1971 on “The Dick Cavett Show,” and, whoosh, there the operating system went.

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  1. justaguy says:

    Supports the Swiftvets’ claims…

    “Kerry told the committee on April 22, 1971, “…I can recall
    often sending in the spot reports which we made after each mission…”

    Kerry also said that many in the military had “a tendency to report
    what they want to report and see what they want to see.””


  2. justaguy says:

    Notice who nominated this guy–

    Casey, Richard Conway
    Born 1933 in Ithaca, NY

    Federal Judicial Service:
    U. S. District Court, Southern District of New York
    Nominated by William J. Clinton on July 16, 1997, to a seat vacated by Charles S. Haight, Jr.; Confirmed by the Senate on October 21, 1997, and received commission on October 24, 1997.

    College of the Holy Cross, B.S., 1955

    Georgetown University Law Center, LL.B., 1958

    Professional Career:
    Legal investigator, District Attorney’s Office, New York County, NY, 1958
    Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York, 1959-1963
    Counsel, Special Commission of the State of New York, 1963-1964
    Private practice, New York City, 1964-1997

    Race or Ethnicity: White

    Gender: Male

  3. justaguy says:

    By Associated Press

    August 26, 2004, 12:50 PM EDT

    NEW YORK — In a highly anticipated ruling, a federal judge found the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional Thursday because it does not include a health exception.

    U.S. District Judge Richard C. Casey in Manhattan said the Supreme Court has made it clear that a law that prohibits the performance of a particular abortion procedure must include an exception to preserve a woman’s life and health.

    Casey issued the ruling two months after hearing closing arguments in the case.

    A San Francisco judge has already declared the 2003 law unconstitutional, and a judge in Lincoln, Neb., is still considering the question. The three judges suspended the ban while they held the trials.

    The law is aimed at stopping a procedure, usually performed during the second trimester of pregnancy, in which a fetus is partly delivered, its skull punctured and its brain removed, often by suction.

    Opponents, including Republicans in Congress who pushed for the ban, call the procedure “partial-birth abortion,” but abortion rights groups and many doctors refer to it as “intact dilation and evacuation.”

  4. -S- says:

    About this article (link posted here, earlier)…“Kerry Admitted Writing Combat Reports in 1971…”Kerry has remained SOCIALLY “unopposed” for what appears to be his entire lifetime and that’s the element about this person that speaks volumes to me…and can easily explain psychologically Kerry’s overt actions and obfuscations and the like. It’s because he’s made an early on assumption about human beings that they aren’t going to question him or, perhaps more arrogantly, can’t or are not believable when they do when compared with Kerry, that his stature, intelligence as he perceives it about himself, life “position”, economic and/or combination of all that places him in some “unquestionable” strata of the human race.

    These are the “socially superior” assumptions that certain monarchies and families have always maintained and that many among same persist in believing about themselves, kingdoms or no kingdoms, that they’re more or less suspended about humanity in some special class or group that is refined and untouchable, and therefore, unquestioned. At least, not to be questioned. And if questioned, to destroy or send to Gnarfle the Garflock anyone who is one of those dreary, outspoken questioners (“off with them!” sorta assumption about fellow humans to a great degree).

    I notice that the people who speak out to defend Kerry often do so as per his economic and educational level alone. That he’s superior based upon these bestowed graces.

    And so, I find Kerry’s elaborate, grandiose speech and even his method of speech to even emphasize that…that pause he takes, turns his head slightly and gives a slight roll of his eyes (as does his wife) whenever there’s a question that would intellectually pin him to his irregularites, he takes that stance as if to express, “oh, those puny, puny little people struggling in their puny, puny little reality issues…how sad, how time consuming, how dreary, now let’s everyone laugh at them, let’s laugh and ridicule the puny human struggling in his puny reality…”

    I exaggerate, I realize, of course, but Kerry is someone who appears to have never anticipated anyone even questioning much of what he’s offered up by a lifetime that led to these current times. And him now, yesterday (Thursday, August 26), saying that he wants “weekly debates” with President Bush is another indication of his unsteady inability to manage being questioned.

    So he wants these “debates” so that he can re-establish and “prove” his position. “Position” as in, strata intellectually…

    This suggestion by Kerry (weekly debate “idea”) expresses to MY read that he’s flailing, has been hurt by even being questioned (the Swiftvets got through his facade and protections by economic and social position), and he’s showing real strain.

    I noticed that on the Jon Stewart appearance, that he was nearly frighteningly solemn, laughed with his voice only, face remained solemn, even grim.

    Obviously, by appearing to “socially” conquer following Vietnam, he assumed he’d remain unquestioned. I believe that the Viet vets who are speaking out in opposition to Kerry are doing what is necessary for our country, then and now…unfortunately, many aren’t still alive and those now still living are elderly and it appears, being again attacked by the Left when what they have to share is what the Left should be respecting and actually taking into account instead.

    I think the Swiftees are doing a remarkable and necessary thing for our country. I believe them, as individuals, not as a Party affiliate, but as a human being about others who have things to share and offer that are very significant, and quite believable.

    Kerry, on the other hand, appears to have created a relatively high fantasy history on his own behalf and is responsible, whether he admits this or not — so far has persisted in denying any responsibility — that he is responsible for creating and even cheering on very bad history for and in the U.S. that harmed many individuals.

    The military made mistakes about and in Vietnam, yes, but so has and does any military in any war effort, anywhere.