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BEST online interaction I’ve yet to read about the Swiftees and their stories, along with implications of fallout that lies ahead for the Democrats if they continue to press this issue: thier insistence that everyone else be silenced.

It will backfire on them, sure as I’m sitting here. I say, let the Swiftees sell their book, let them tell their stories and let Kerry provide evidence that they are lying if he wants to continue to allege that they are. I notice that, so far, the only “lies” involved in the entire situation that are evidenced are those made by the “DNC Lawyers” in their aggressive letter to station managers, nationwide.

August 05, 2004

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WORST online collaboration of malaise I’ve ever encountered, anywhere, anytime, is “PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S ‘CHOICE CHICK'” as featured (and explained) in “Slant/Point.” which site I enjoy. Planned Parenthood seems tragically retrograde — I’m worried they’ll start handing out Zippo lighters. Or, maybe little, round, silver globes on neckchains, filled with smelly fungus for every young female who happens to come into contact with them.

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  1. justaguy says:

    Democrats are really playing the semantics game in regards to the Swiftvets controversy.

    An analogy…it’s like two bikers with a passenger each…riding side by side. One bike accidently hits a pedestrian. It goes to court. The other biker and his passenger testify…that they saw the other biker and passenger smack into the pedestrian. The other biker says…how would you know…since you weren’t riding on the bike…only the passenger on my bike knows the truth. Uhmmmm…no…but I was riding *with* you and saw it all happen. I hope this makes sense. –justaguy

  2. justaguy says:

    I saw a good t-shirt today.

    It said, “Planned Parenthood Survivor.”

  3. justaguy says:

    Ad Watch – Democratic National Committee – Title: “Believe”



  4. -S- says:

    Yeah, I agree with you about that bicycling accident hypothetical as a good analogy for the Democrats’ response about the Swiftees…

    I was listening last evening to HANNITY & COLMES and Lanny Grant was on (former Clinton Advisor) and he continually pressed a different story than what the Swiftees are saying and then insisted that that was “lying” and regardless of how much he was reminded by Hannity (and sometimes even Colmes, which surprised me), Grant continued to nearly rant at every opportunity that, that the Swiftees were “intentionally misleading” people/anyone/everyone by saying that “(they) served with John Kerry” and that, according to Lanny Grant’s irrational insistence on this issue, that because they weren’t ON THE SAME BOAT with John Kerry, anything/everything they had to say was “intentionally misleading” and was there fore “lying” — Grant would not, WOULD NOT, comment on the fact that the Swiftees never said that they were on the boat with Kerry, but that they served with Kerry, at the same time as Kerry, but that they were sharing their first-hand witness as to what they saw Kerry do and not do when and if they saw Kerry while in service.

    Grant continuously, as do all apparent Kerry defenders about this, and attackers of the Swiftees, insist that their statement as to them “serving with Kerry” is misleading…

    To my read and intellect, it doesn’t AT ALL lead me to conclude that they were on a boat with Kerry, were holding hands with Kerry, were married to Kerry, were best buds with Kerry, just that they were “in service with John Kerry” and that’s exactly what the Swiftees SAY, and state in print, that they were “in service with John Kerry” and then they go on to share what they saw and know as to their first hand witness of John Kerry while they were ALL “in service” (at the same time, in the same places together at the situations and incidents about which the Swiftees describe).

    Grant either is a very stupid person or he’s got Alzheimer’s or else he’s someone who assumes that other people are so stupid as to not be able to carry a point or follow a theme and that therefore, won’t notice his avoidance and then obvious upset about no one induling his avoidance as to wandering off into some OTHER issue that he would rather people focus on, anything but the Swiftees’ experiences.

    The Swiftees saw Kerry do things, not do things, and witnessed the man in “action” and not in action and shared what they know and can attest to as individuals…which a lot of counters what Kerry had to say about his own behavior.

    If it’d been one or two guys who differed from Kerry’s stories — and not just once, but pervasively, as per the Swiftees, which compounds just how much Kerry appears to have created a false past for himself for whatever purposes (but I’m convinced it was to dishonor the U.S. government and the U.S. military and remains so — if it’d been one or two fellows who had very different stories than Kerry’s, then I’d be a bit less swayed but still very impressed with the differences.

    But, it’s a group of fellows who served and are reputable people and who appear to have solid stories and very significant points to make about the deceit that is the falsely created “service” behavior of John Kerry.

    The Democrats continue to try to discredit the Swiftees, but it’s going to backfire on them. The only way they can prove “libel,” also, as to broadcasting the ads by the Swiftees is to prove them wrong. Which means, they would have to establish counter first hand stories and evidence that would prove the Swiftees’ stories as inaccurate. Which I doubt that they can or ever could, so, they go after the present day Swiftee individuals and are trying to make them “conspirators” with various Republicans and all that, and then go off into tangents about the Swiftees’ stories themselves.

    Funny, I understand that a lot of DEMOCRATS are contributors to and the “ads” that they’re creating and have that malign Bush and even propose preposterous lies about the man and Republicans in general, to the films that are being and have been funded by Democrats, all, and that many of those Democrat funders have been involved with one another and OTHER DEMOCRATS in the PAST! OMGosh! It’s a conspiracy of Democrats! They’re Democrats and they’ve made ads together and associated with other Democrats, even funded other Democrat candidates and campaigns in the past so it must be a CONSPIRACY!!

    At least, you’d think so if you follow the loony Democrats’ “logic” there about the Swiftees, who received some funding from a known Republican and Bush supporter, and one of the Swiftees apparently worked on a Republican campaign years ago…

    After hearing Lanny Grant freak out last eveing and make absolutely no sense about anything, the Democrats are truly flailing about the Kerry “inaccuracies” and apparently the only way they know to counter them is to continue to support the inaccuracies and the man who created them but try to intimidate media and the public into not accepting as valid the accurate testimony of first-hand witnesses to the situations from whence the innaccuracies have sprung, much less the person responsible for creating them.

    Liberals like to opine about their superior intellects as compared to who they like to, also, state are lesser intellectually and that’s us conservatives, Republicans, and from what I’ve seen lately, there is just no reservation of blunt stunted density in the character of most of the Democrats I hear and read.

  5. -S- says:

    Ha, I ALSO watched that, that Krugman appearance on O’Reilly!

    I’ve had some doubts about the worthiness lately of O’Reilly of my recurring time, but that show from yesterday evening was great. Krugman behaved nearly as densely as did Lanny Grant on Hannity & Colmes.

    Obviously, the Left has reason to “hate” FOX…very few people on FOX indulge their nutty weirdness, and actually ask them challenging questions, and often visiting Liberals can’t respond to them without saying, “will you let me finish!? Let me finish! Will you let me finish?!?” That’s about all most Liberals ever get across as a point on FOX, in my experience…not that anyone’s preventing them from saying anything more than that, just that that’s about all they can say. I gather their concept of a discussion is: me, lecture, you, silence. In which case, they don’t respond well if at all to any point, just go on about “let me finish!” for twenty times and avoid thus answering any questions as to specifics.

    And THEN they have the audacity to say that FOX is “crazy people behaving crazily” when I’ve yet to see/hear any Liberal on FOX who isn’t nuts. At least answer the points that are raised, but they never do. They go off as Lanny Grant did on other points and then get upset that no one’s on THAT point and, oh, yeah, “will you let me finish!? Can I FINISH!?”…

  6. -S- says:

    So, apparently THAT’S the point of the “John Kerry” campaign, to welcome in the China War with the U.S….Kerry would probably give them the White House for their weekend getaways, what with him and Teresa not needing it.

    That was smartalecky, I realize, but I really do believe that Kerry has far more sympathy and empathy for Red China and Socialist Europe than he does for anyone else. I believe he sees himself as a “conqueror” of the U.S., and from what I’ve read from his campaign literature, that role is very well supported, that they are “waging a war” on the U.S. for purposes of “taking the White House.” I mean, it’s right there in his appeals for contributions, right here on my desk.

  7. -S- says:

    That last comment of mine dropped the link, but it was in response to the link that you provided earlier, from NewsMax, about “China Rapidly Modernizes for War with the U.S.”