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“If Words Had Wings, They’d Be Projectiles”

Aren’t they already? My headline today reads like a rapid-fire automatic weapon: antiantiantiantiantiantiantianti…ratta-tat-tat, take that, get some.

The Swiftees (Swift Boat Veterans) are being roundly denounced and met with “outrage” — which by now means “routine” when used as a flame-thrower by the Left and Demos everywhere, because, what is a Democrat if not outraged? — their alternate, “it makes my blood boil,” comes in a close second as to mood du jour from the Left, as to moody ratta-tat-tat, but that’s another story. There is nothing worse than a man/woman/person with an automatic weapon who cannot control that weapon, and so we hear that the blood boils, about the outrage, about the “dishonesty,” to the Left, that is the reality of everyone else. ‘Can’t dance,’ so, hey, shoot the weapon: ratta-tat-tatt, move-ah, move-ah.

Advertising is like that: it’s either a finely controlled machine, intended to move and transport and convey in such quiet and subtle precision as to take you, literally, awaaay. You get transported from one perspective to another by successful advertising, just as you do by a wonderfully engineered machine from one point to another, and the result is such that, when things are done very well, you find yourself at a destination without much memory of the trip along the way.

But, naming some advertising as “political” is like smashing the front grill of that machine with a big old boot: the thing still transports, but this time, you remember the trip, you heard the rattle, you saw the parts flying as you drove down the street and you aren’t at all happy with the damage after your arrival. You’ve arrived, fine, but what about the wreckage along the way?

About the Swiftees’ stories, called by the Left as “political advertising” as has also been called by Democrats, the Kerry campaign and every ~”unassociated”~ PAC going (and you know who they are), the attempt at play in popular opinion seems to be that the Left/all denouncers really want to ratta-tat-tat that fine vehicle and punch holes in the carriage, because they can’t stop the transport.

So, we have word-wars, automatic weapons of the media going “ratta-tat-tat” with words as sure as they could fire an unruly automatic weapon, calling the Swiftees’ stories “disgraceful…ratta-tat-tat, -po-, there go your lights, -pow-, there goes your front fender, -pow-, now look at the Swiftees and, hey, Bush, too, -pow-, there goes the vehicle and looky-look, THEY are the folks who drive that rotten, ratty old car…but, ~WE drive the fine, new vehicle without a scratch.”~

So goes the Kerry campaign, Kerry himself, Democrat talking heads wielding unruly automatic weapons everywhere, scrambling to discredit the Swiftees because they can’t disprove the weight of vehicle that’s arrived across town.

One, everyone not among the Left is pretty well peaked on the ratta-tat-tat from the Left, from PACs everywhere urching toward their desire to “take the White House.” The Swiftees are men who served in the military and have stories to tell.

Let them tell their stories. The Swiftees’ media isn’t financed by the Bush Campaign, it’s not “political advertising” any more than any statement from any veteran who has ever or will ever try to share their memories is “political advertising.” I respect Senator John McCain’s opinion about this issue, but he has, in fact, talked about an issue and not about individual veterans. The Swiftees are individual veterans with experiencs to share, so, unless there’s some “shut up” clause for all veterans, I don’t get the idea that these particular veterans are now under some social expectation of needing to be silenced.

Unless you’re John Kerry, the Left, Demos or a Democratic Talking Head, in which case you just make it up, and continue to go ratta-tat-tat, just because you can.

Or, can they? Isn’t the point here of late that the Left is responsible for an ongoing blast of such automatic rapid-fire nonsense and destruction in the media and ongoing word-wars to literally destroy men, women, children and nations everywhere?

Ratta-tat-tat, sometimes people fire back. Sometimes they are right to.

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  1. justaguy says:

    Kerry’s old flame…seems like an airhead.


  2. -S- says:

    I applaud those veterans (photo link).

    About that second link,“Kerry’s earlier girlfriend”/mistress….THE SITE’S ‘TEMPORARILY DISABLED!

    Isn’t that interesting?!? Do you think Kerry/Edwards threatened to SUE THEIR ASS?!?! Sure would not surprise me…starting to look like whoever says anything outspoken that doesn’t support Kerry’s idea of who he is, gets slammed.

  3. -S- says:

    The “Kerry girlfriend” thing was, apparently, as per Wizbang!, “a scam.”

    Wizbang! provides the Google Cache link to the page that is now kaput, howwever, and some other links that are interesting to the issue.

    I betchya’ Kerry/Edwards/DNC DID, in fact, threaten to sue the site’s ass…

    Something about these “proven fakes”, however, related to Kerry, seem entirely just too-too-too timely. I question the scam itself, as a scam on a scam.