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I just read — for the third time ever (first time was by aimless link wandering, second time was from a link in Wizbang because it was referenced in an article there) — Wonkette.

This is one of the “official DNC bloggers” “covering” the doobiedo in Boston and, after reading this (Wonkette’s “coverage” of the Barbara and Jenna Bush interactive chat from yesterday on the George W. Bush Presidential campaign website), I can honestly write here that Wonkette is completely out of touch with how most people think and feel and reason. Just completely — that means to the maximum extent possible — out of touch: Wonkette “reasons” “…it’s not just that 22-year-olds don’t talk like that, it’s that no one talks like that. Jenna and Barb weren’t answering these questions, these questions were being answered by Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove…”

What Wonkette doesn’t get is the only people who “talk like” Wonkette does (and her “advisors” based upon what’s quoted by Wonkette by and about them), are Wonkette and advisors. America doesn’t talk Wonkette, is where Wonkette is outside of it all, misses the point here, that Wonkette is talking Wonkette, and America isn’t.

Explain “official blogger“, ’cause I’m curious, really curious, just exactly what that means. It’s the Internet, people blog, no one needs a pronouncement in order to write, last time I checked.


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