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“PHOTOSHOP ‘F:9/11′”


BD21423_.gif Ray Bradbury was right to be upset with Michael Moore.

I don’t know to what extent Bradbury has fared with his intention to protect the title of his book of fiction, “Fahrenheit 451,” but I do know that he ought to hold Moore to a higher standard of abuse — anything above amoeba on a kitchen floor would be a great standard to start enforcing, in Moore’s case.

BD21423_.gif From, a very, very (as in, “very”) interesting link to an article from “MOOREWATCH“: Moore apparently Photoshop‘d “evidence” that he included in his filmed footage later, and that’d mean he, um, ‘Photoshop’d’ reality in his voice-over that accompanies the forged imagery.

BD21423_.gif Clinton, Sandy Berger, Moore…will the leftwing lies never stop?

I’m not holding my breath. My kitchen floor is clean.

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