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RedXdark.gif *HERE YA’ GO*

I’m “a horrible woman”!
(Did anyone ask?)

I’m “not nice”!
(Did anyone ask?)

I’m “not pretty”!
(Did anyone ask? This matters to whom and why?).

The fact that a person ‘visits’ another person’s blog site (mine, in this case) and dares to write there, “you’re not even pretty,” and, “you’re a horrible woman” and similar, indicates to me that a certain author (in this case, the troll) isn’t, actually, very pretty themself, nor nice. I wonder if trolls consider the transparency of the situation? Not like I’m interested in a response there.

I have “pink fuzzy animals in (my) bedroom”!
(Troll has not seen my home, much less any bedroom(s), nor never will.)

My wrists are “like grapefruits”!
(Troll has never seen my wrists, and the conjecture strikes me as just plain sad.)

I “better count the keys on (my) keyboard” and “the fingers on (my) hands”!
(My writing has too many words, so my fingers and keys must be a-missin’!)

Kooky Democrats. I think the DNC shindig is driving them to rip.

Actually, this troll reads more like a person with problems.

A person with problems with a MAC (don’t they always use MACs?) who writes that he/she/it is here to “challenge” me. (I’m not even going to imagine that standard there.)

Least of all here, I do not, definitely, feel challenged. I do feel pity. But that’s after I feel like banning an I.P. and complaining to their service provider.

If I never hear of Grey Advertising again — vehicle for psychotic ugly person — it’ll be too soon.

And I still have Michael Moore on O’Reilly to look forward to.

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